Rock Sound Eleuthera

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The waterfront building waiting for a rebuild….

While riding out the high winds from the gale up north and waiting to move on, Eleuthera is a great place to stay. Free water on the beach at a city tap, public pavilion for local events and cruiser gatherings, great grocery store, hardware store, service station and laundry with nice cafes and even a blue hole to explore. This harbor has a lot to offer the cruising sailor and it is easy to stay here. Now after 30 knot winds on anchor, we will sail the 20-25 knot winds northward through Current Cut and on to Spanish Wells. There we will need to ride out the next cold front on Saturday and Sunday. It has been a very windy winter and tough to move around at times. We are always looking for safe harbors…..

Note: We have not run into Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, who are hiding out here in Eleuthera. We think they are here at The Cove:

Here are some photos of Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Island Spirit off the docks on anchor

Do not break down here, because everything is expen$ive
Check this $78 bilge float switch!

Radeen showing where we are in Rock Sound

Good Friend Steve on IP38 SLOW FLIGHT. He makes great rum cake!

Good Friends John and Nina on IP40 Sunkissed

Buddy Boat IP38 Moondance Bob and Nina as we discover Sammy’s for brunch

WOW, look at this beautiful store! You don’t see this in Exumas

I love Island Architecture

Walking home with groceries. Imagine, no car for a year+

A good project house, this can be yours

A fixed up home for rent

Geno making fresh conch salad for us

Geno was proud of his salad, which we enjoyed with Julie and Dixey of  Buddy Boat IP32 Morning Grace

A sunset across Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Look, a gas station, hardware store and grocery store!

Radeen strikes a pose at the Ocean Hole, 600+ feet deep!

Sunset from anchor after the front passed by with 32 knots of wind

Next stop is a town new to us, SPANISH WELLS, on the northern tip of Eleuthera, where we will spend a few days exploring a prosperous fishing village. We have about 300 people a day visiting our blog and enjoying our trip. Thank you again for sailing along!

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3 Replies to “Rock Sound Eleuthera”

  1. Hi Hayden and Radeen,
    It sure has been windy! We are still at Long Island. It has changed quite a bit in the past ten years. Still nice though. Please say hi to Steve on Slo Flight for us. Those firemen sure can cook. Safe travels. Still hoping to catch up.

  2. What an epic blog! Your photos are fantastic and the journey is stellar! Blessings to you all on your big group adventure ! This is Lukas, Dixey and Julie's son! Keep keepin on!

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