River Dunes Fun

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The Clubhouse at the Dunes….

River Dunes will spoil you as a cruiser with fireplaces, great coffee, fantastic showers, floating docks, WiFi, loaner car, and a fantastic restaurant. Add in your cruising friends and it is a wonderful place to dock, stop and take a break. We also enjoyed meeting cruisers, Sheeba Moon and Distant Drummer. While here, we cleaned up the boat, serviced the varnish, shared some meals together and simply relaxed. River Dunes is a planned community a few miles north of Oriental. We love to stop here and spoil ourselves. Here are some photos of our fun…

Floating docks at River Dunes

Bob and Nina, IP38 MOONDANCE celebrate 5,000 nautical miles aboard
The Team shares a meal on Island Spirit
Hayden, Radeen, Reuben, Bob and Nina

Home made bread on Island Spirit

Radeen made:pot roast with carrots, onions,  potatoes, broccoli
topped with goat cheese and walnuts, and a homemade cocoa pudding.
(we rarely post photos of food, but this was impressive on a boat)
Radeen and Nina

—– The Clubhouse at River Dunes ——
The dining room at River Dunes

Out to dinner, a wonderful night

River Dunes is a great place to dine out.
Hayden, Radeen, Reuben, Nina and Bob

The ladies, Nina and Radeen 
The chess match after dinner, Radeen won! Great job, genius!
The Clubhouse sofas and reading materials with the fireplace….love it

A pool table for Carey

Fountains and pool deck with hot tubs

The Library and game room

Looking back at Island Spirit on the T-dock at River Dunes

Ahh….a fire side bench

So, we will continue south today and our next stop (if you can believe it) will be even BETTER than River Dunes! We will see our great friends, Greg and Kate and the Doodles Gracie and Lucy at Beaufort, NC. We NEVER, EVER, EVER miss an opportunity to visit and enjoy their wonderful hospitality and Momma Kate’s home cooking! Did we mention their fabulous home cooking?? YAHOOOOO….See you soon, Greg and Kate!

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