Radio Life in George Town

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Bahama Hats to keep the sun off….wow it is HOT at 23 degrees N

Our day begins around 0630, as we take notes from our weather router Chris Parker’s broadcast on the SSB radio. Then we switch to the VHF radio to tune into the local cruiser’s net at 0800. This helpful radio net summarizes the weather, provides local businesses the opportunity to advertise events, and gives boaters here in the harbor a chance to ask questions, coordinate taxi rides, request help with boat issues, announce classes in everything from sign language to basket making to yoga, and to share news and social events.

The 33rd Annual George Town Cruisers’ Regatta begins on Monday, so there are many announcements regarding pet and dinghy parades, a conch blowing contest, two sailboat races and evening entertainment. At about 0845, individual boats start using the net to contact each other and we switch back to our SSB radio to check in our location with the Cruiseheimers’ Net and to hear where other boating friends are located.

Here are a few places and events we learned about from listening to the local cruiser’s net….

Fresh Conch Salad from Chat N Chill

A.J. makes the best conch salad on the beach

Relax at Big D’s on Hamburger Beach and swing on a tree swing or take a chair to the water 

s/v ROMONE from Germany, celebrating their child Kim’s first birthday

Our neighborhood off Volleyball Beach

The ocean beach beyond St. Francis Resort

The beach is crowded today, we thought we had it reserved…

More crowds at the beach !

Typical coquina rock on the beach
Taking the “car” to town across the harbor. 15 Yamaha on a 10 foot AB-RIB….perfect

Ocean waves on the beach rocks

A.J’s pet sting ray waits for the conch trimmings…..go ahead and hand feed him

Radeen loves to walk the pink sand beaches of “da Bajamas”

We really need to move on beyond George Town and this harbor or else we may get totally stuck here! We  plan to press on and move EAST to Long Island and Conception Island, but not for at least one more day!

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  1. Love all that beautiful blue. You just don't find that color blue anywhere else but on the ocean.

    The cruiser net is so much like the nets here in the desert. Bulletin boards announcing yoga classes, beading etc. Different venue but so similar.

    Look like you guys have settled right in. Enjoy!

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