Pungo River Canal

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Sunrise entering the Pungo Canal

After a beautiful sunset at anchor just before the Pungo Canal, the day presented us with the most beautiful sunrise! One aspect to the cruising life is the way you live fully in the weather and you take in all aspects the weather presents for the day. When living in a home, you rarely take time to watch a sunrise or a full sunset because you are usually inside the home and not taking in the beauty of the weather. Where as on a boat, you are always outside or at least it seems like you are, and you live by the weather. This day we were so lucky to be transiting the canal in beautiful high pressure where you get these beautiful days. The Pungo Canal is 22 miles long and the southern end brings you to the town of Belhaven, NC. In Belhaven we dropped anchor and spent a spooky Halloween off the town where Popeye arrived with trick or treats via the dinghy! WHAT?

Photos of the Pungo Canal….

Sunrise as we enter the canal with the swamp trees
AM fog rising off the canal along the shore lined trees
Cutter Loose, our boat buddies in their IP460 enter the canal
Happy Halloween from the Pungo Canal
American Bald Eagle keeps watch over the canal
The beautiful, but hostile shoreline of the canal
Popeye visits the harbor with treats

Pirate Radeen off Island Spirit heads to town
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