Puerto Rico Isla Caja de Muertos

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Puerto Rico continues to surprise us with interesting locations. After Puerto Real, Boqueron and Gilligan’s Island, we stopped at Isla Caja de Muertos, a state park on an island off the south coast 6 miles south of Ponce. We wanted to climb up to the lighthouse and also enjoy the beach and a swim in crystal clear waters. We are here with mv/SEA STAR, while our friends on s/vFEZYWIG pressed on to Salinas, where we will catch up with them. It is the beginning of Spring Break and also a weekend so the place was really alive. The Puerto Rican music was blasting as the local families rafted up their boats, drank, swam and simply had a great time together. We anchored off the ferry dock where tourists and locals are brought over from the main island and dropped off for the day. Then at 1530, the ferry blows its horn and everyone departs the beach, leaving it empty for us to enjoy!
This panoramic photo shows the two islands with a very low lying area in the middle where the beach is located. The lighthouse is on the hill to the left and the fisherman’s chapel in a cave is on the hill to the right. After we anchored and launched the dinghies, we headed off to find beach access to walk the trails leading up to the lighthouse. After several beach landings and nearly swamping the dinghies, we finally anchored the dinghies off the beach about 50 yards out and swam ashore. Then we hiked up to the lighthouse. Here are photos of the cactus laden rocky trails up to the lighthouse….

Once we reached the summit, we found wooden observation decks which in very questionable condition, but we had to get a great selfie on the overlooking platform. Our boats are anchored in the distance to the right. What a beautiful view, well worth the climb.
After lunch back on our boats, we took the dinghies into the state park beach where the locals were enjoying their last hour on the beach. At 1530, the ferry boat blew the horn and the beach emptied. We then had the entire place to ourselves. We swam, beach combed and walked the park, 
and then we headed back to our very, very rocking and rolling anchorage.
Of course I had to take some swimsuit photos of Radeen, my favorite photo subject. What a great setting with the rock wall and the beach. How fun….

As the sun was setting, we all decided to head for “home” and make dinner and call it another great day of cruising and discovery. Of course this required another “Hayden Selfie”….Fun Fun Fun with Bill and Lauren of mv/SEA STAR, a Grand Banks 42.

We then returned to our rolling boats and we tried to make dinner and relax, but the roll and the ocean swell made it a very, very long night. At 0601, we pulled up anchor and headed out to sea saying good bye to Isl Caja de Muertos. Onward to Salinas…..

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  1. Cactus in the Caribbean. I did not expect that.

    We are anchored in Tucson. Cactus here too – but the anchorage is very calm. No rolling.

    We're enjoying all the new places.

  2. I anchored my dinghy off the Baths in BVI. Gettubg back into the dinghy was not pretty though. Next time I'm going to try the back flip method shown on YouTube
    Dan Tyska
    IP 27Meridian

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