Proposed Maine 2009 Map

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As a point of planning and anticipation, here is a Google Map (below) with dates and projected harbors. None of this is firm or fixed, and all locations are simply projections for now. If we want to stay in a location longer or if we want to skip a location we will. Also the weather plays a major part in any trip of this length. We do not like to press on in bad weather, but we have traveled in 100% fog! It happens in New England, you can leave a harbor in a clear bright sunny AM and within 2 hours you can be in FOG. Welcome to MAINE, welcome to the waters north of the Cape Cod Canal, it happens.

The Chesapeake Bay Fleet that is planning on heading to Maine 2009 are…

1. IP35 Island Spirit, Hayden & Radeen
2. IP380 CAVU, Ron & Mary Ann
3. IP440 Lyon’s Pride, Paul and Sue
4. IP420 Ore Negro, Conrad & Mirna
5. IP40 Surprise, Tom & Linda
6. IP37 Seas the Day, Sheldon and Gail

GOOGLE MAP of our inside day hoping trip to Maine 2009
Click pins for details
Link HERE (opens a large map)
Embedded Map Below…

View Maine 2009 in a larger map

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  1. Dear Hayden and Radeen: I look forward to following your adventures this summer! And Radeen, how nice, gold at the end of this summer rainbow for you! Craig and I both hope your whole trip is wonderful! Love, Debbie

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