Portland Pardise

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Portland is really a great town, a good port of call, and CENTERBOARD YACHT CLUB is the place to take your lay days! The last time we were up here in 2006, we ended up getting “stuck” in Portland for days, and this year it turned out to be 5 days! Why would we stay in Portland for 5 days? Here are a few reasons:

  • http://www.Centerboard.org Centerboard Yacht Club offers moorings, free tender service, and a great clubhouse to relax in and enjoy the friendly members who make you feel so welcome.
  • Calm harbor, relatively for a busy port.
  • Great city lights across the river to the west with beautiful sunsets over the city.
  • An easy walk to a Hanaford Grocery Store.
  • Tender services across the river to Dimillos Marina and access to the entire city waterfront!
  • Downtown Portland waterfront is BEAUTIFUL with many restaurants and pubs and interesting shops and of course ice cream parlors.
  • Hamilton Marine, Inc. a blend of West Marine + Defender is an easy walk from Dimillos and the town docks.
  • And best of all…..Great Island Packet former owners and friends; Bill & Fran who go out of their way to help out and make us feel so at home.

So…you can see, with all of this at your starboard side gate, as you enter the tender, you can imagine just how we always get “stuck” in Portland Maine. This is why I have called this post….
“Portland Paradise!” Thank you Bill and Fran, Abby, and Dave, and Ed & Beth for making our stay so enjoyable.

Portland Maine Ferry Service
Portland Harbor Chart and where we were…

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