Overnight FL to SC

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Hayden in a safety harness at night

Like our passage south, we decided to skip the Georgia ICW, because in that state you go 2 miles east and west for every mile north. We had a great weather window, as usual in late April and early May, so we planned an overnight run of 120 nautical miles from Fernandina Beach, FL, to Beaufort, SC.

The inlets, St. Mary’s and then Port Royal Sound are wide, deep and easy to navigate in any weather. Lucky for Island Spirit and Cutter Loose, we started with 15-17 knots of beam winds and 2-3 foot seas, diminshing late. This made for a great night on the ocean, departing at 6 pm for an easy passage of 20 hours. Arriving Beaufort SC  around 2 pm, we relaxed and caught up on some sleep and then joined our good friends of SP Catspaw for a fun dinner ashore and a “Team Reunion.”

Radeen, Eric, Carey, Bobbi, and Patricia

Carey and Bobbi are the couple whose lead we have followed for this entire one year trip. We count them partially responsible for us retiring and jumping into this dream life of cruising.

So it was a a great night to be back together. From Beaufort we ran towards Charleston, SC, where we anchored 17 miles short of the city for a peaceful night on anchor in Church Creek.

Tomorrow we will make Charleston, SC, a town we really enjoy…..

Sunset offshore over Cumberland Island, GA

The iPad with Navionics shows our route off the Georgia Coast

Red at night is a sailor’s delight….and so it was a great night at sea

Next stop will be Charleston, SC, where we will dock for a few days to clean up these salty boats and enjoy the city.

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