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The FLEET is LAUNCHED! Since we are staying in our home port this summer and not sailing off to New England or Maine, we decided to launch out “Chesapeake 22” power boat and dock it next to Island Spirit! This will provide endless hours of tubing, harbor cruises, IP yacht photography and maybe even some Stripe Bass Fishing. We bought this boat back in 1999 when the stock market was on a tear, and we made a few quick trades and sure enough, we landed this boat. She has been under a shrink wrap for the past two summers, but this spring, we hired Mr. Miller, of Miller Marine Services to bust her out, service her and get her back in the water for 2010. She is running better than ever, she has a 115 HP Mariner Outboard on an extended arm called a strong arm which makes here seem longer. She cruises easily at 32 Knots and will pull a two man tube as well. We can be in Baltimore or Annapolis faster than by car, but mainly we just play locally. So if you are in the area, sailing by we will come out and take some high quality digital photographs of your Island Packet Yacht. Give us a call or an email….Maybe you will make our Island Packet Sailing Calendar!

Here are some photos of “our Fleet”

We have the END SLIPS, so it’s a great place to play

This is Chessie
It is a “Chesapeake 22”, it is our Photo Platform and “fun” boat.

Radeen loves taking Chessie out for a sunset cruise
Next….we launch the TUBE….as soon as Mark & Tanner Man from AZ get here!

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  1. Boat owners always look forward to the launching of their vessels. I really like the photos that you posted. "Chesapeake 22" is in shape to sail already. Last year, we launched our Bayliner in marina Massachusetts. It first sailed in Cape Cod Bay. This season, we will be using it do some summer activities like fishing and snorkeling.

    Hope everything goes well with your boat!

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