Our Car the AB Dinghy

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Team Island Spirit is on the launch pad, and as soon as this Noreaster storm dies down and the flooding and high winds and wave die down, we are SOUTHBOUND. For now, here is an interesting post about our CAR, the 10′-6″ AB Dinghy with the 15 hp Yamaha 2 stroke that does 22 knots!  This will get us to shore for the next 7 months!

Here is a direct link to the post on our public Facebook Page.

Here is a direct link to the post on our public Facebook Page.


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3 Replies to “Our Car the AB Dinghy”

  1. Your enthusiasm for another run south is so inspiring. It is an example for bus that doing this migratory route can continue to be fun even after 20 years.See you somewhere warm.

  2. Aww sweet memories of our own Sea Car. Thanks for sharing. We’ll be following along with you. Loretta

  3. Ahhh October!
    The season when the Cochran’s flap their wings and flock south to San Juan (Capistrano?)

    I’m sorry we won’t see you at MM 200 anymore, but the world is a big place. We’ll see you there.

    Safe travels! We’re looking forward to following you for another great season as you Baguette your way through the Caribbean.

    Bon appétit et bonne navigation. ⛵️

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