On the Pad: Vero Beach

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Our Drexel University 10 week semester has come to a close! The 27 page paper has been submitted, the PowerPoints were presented, the WIKI idea mocked up, the school Internship completed, and the collaborative projects closed. YAHOO.

Island Spirit, IP35, has now been serviced, new oil and yanmar filter, new fuel filters 30 micron red and new yanmar secondary, newly rebuilt and serviced alternator with all new bearings, brushes, and “guts”, all systems checked…so…we are on the launch pad here at Vero Beach City Marina. One last run to the store with the IP company car, then if all goes as planned, we will begin the journey NORTH Thursday. We will be traveling with IP440 svCharmed and our first major stop will be back at Fernandina Beach FL. Along the way we will anchor each night again, as we did coming south, with stops at Melbourne, Titusville, Daytona, St. Augustine, Pine Island, then Fernandina. From Fernandina Beach we have an option play of heading offshore to Charleston or we may run the Georgia ICW. Either way, the adventure is about to begin again! You can count on these email interruptions and of course some video blogs uploaded as well.

First task now that the ship has been fully serviced is to video this fabulous VERO BEACH area via my last bike ride.

Let the blogging resume…..

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