Offshore for Block Island, RI

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We have departed Absecon Inlet, Atlantic City NJ at 0730 hrs Wed July
13. We plan to make a direct run to Block Island, Ri 175 miles over
our bow. shows west winds at 15 then tonight
around midnight the winds will build to 20 knots BUT shift to the
North Northeast! That's right on our bow, headwinds. So, if this does
develop tonight, then we will tack to starboard and we may end up in
Coney Island NY or Sandy Hookn NJ. We hope not, but that's the plan.
So as we head more offshore we will drop connectivity, phones, email
but will still have SPOT. We will use that for an easy way to place
our progress on the map. See our SPOT MAP page link at top of blog.
Have a great day….

Hayden and Radeen off Brigantine, NJ course 060, speed 7.1, full main,
full Jib, 2000rpms 8-10knts North Winds…should be west

Hayden Cochran
IP35-165 Island Spirit
Rock Hall, MD
Island Packet Yacht Owners' Association

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  1. I see you are sitting in Great Salt Pond. (love the spot reporting)

    We spent many hours there when we lived in LI.

    Does Andiamos Bakery still deliver the goodies by boat?

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