Off to Sea

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After dancing the Duty Free Fuel Tango with Bermuda customs, we did indeed fill the diesel tank tax-free! Thus loaded with fuel, we added water and a box of Gosling's Black Seal rum, and by these vital supplies well burdened, we were well and truly ready. So we set out to sea at 15.30 yesterday, Thursday June 16th, and with light winds, we have been motorsailing due West, which is South of our direct line; but we are playing "Believe the Forecast" once again, and expect Sweet Southwesterlies to join the party and blow us on the beam into the Chesapeake. We are all well and looking forward to turning off the motor and sailing. Hayden has been snapping pics galore when not playing with his Gizmoids, and Radeen is coping well with a slightly bumpy ride. She has her happy smile on, and we think she is enjoying her second passage across the Bermudian waves. Nancy finds sleeping easy on the weather cloth, and now has a bright chirpy face after her morning coffee! Last night was bright with a full moon, which did not set until after sunrise. At 0430 I was just about awake on watch when I jumped quite high at a big splash just feet away! Then I was wide awake and was treated to a Dolphins by Moonlight show! The ocean keeps on finding new ways to surprise me.
Best to all, Hayden, Radeen, Nancy and John
JFK 0710 Friday June 17 '11 3231N 6637W Motorsailing at 6.7 kts in bright sunshine. Wind light WNW Seas 4 feet

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  1. Via con dios.

    I had the exact same thing with dolphins happen to me many moons ago on a passage from Tampa to the Dry Torgugas…. Magical.

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