Off to Grenada 2019

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Let the new sailing season begin in Grenada Dec 5, 2019. We fly in, spend 5 days preparing the boat (uncover, wash, paint and wax) and then we launch Dec 10th! Move aboard that day, and then move the yacht around to the town of St. Georges, Grenada where we will dock Dec 11th to 16th setting up the yacht. Sails, halyards, dinghy, outboard, watermaker, and provisions. If all goes well, we plan to sail out Dec 16th for maybe Bequia where we think there is a Christmas celebration. This season will be one of simple cruising and Eastern Caribbean Explorations. Hopefully filled with many new discoveries. Final task today…PACK and get to PHL!

The Plan on getting there
The plan on where we will sail
This could be a fun diversion to the west and downwind.
We still have our sights set on a full Caribbean Exploration, 2 years East and 2 years West!
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6 Replies to “Off to Grenada 2019”

  1. Looking forward to following your continued adventures as we bask on the beaches of Sarasota this winter. Coincidentally, we leave Baltimore on December 5 for a 3 day car ride to Pelican Cove (near Sarasota)

  2. In the words of Willie Nelson, “On the road again”! Oops, I mean on the seas again! Looks like a great itinerary. Can’t wait to follow along for what I know is going to be a grand ride! Miss ya already! Loretta and Jim s/v Plan Sea

  3. This season is another chapter of your cruising atlas AND a realization of your goal for Caribbean sailing.We love that you are”doers” not “talkers”! though come to think of it you do do a lot of talking!

  4. Enjoy….and please look up my Aussie friends Gary & Venessa Haynes – Gary is with Horizon Yacht Charters/Brokers in Grenada and they live aboard their boat either at Secret Harbour or …???
    Gary is a fantastic saxophonist and Venessa plays the guitar & sings. They always have a ‘band’ going and its lots of fun. A real ‘don’t miss it’ celebration of life and happiness.
    Email me for Gary’s email address.

  5. Hey you two,
    sounds like fun and awesome traveling. We flew to a friend’s place in Bonaire and I think you could have a nice time at mooring on the island. Klein Bonaire is still great snorkling and diving. If our friend Lourae from our first 1998 trip to San Blas is in harbor, she travels a lot, you might be able to get even more sailing info of that area from her. Her husband (deceased) Randal and she wrote a sailing guide to those Islands but from the East.
    Sea Star is sold and we sail no more. Guess we missed our chance to go with you . Be well and Happy- sail on! K&D

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