5 Replies to “Now is the TIME”

  1. Wow! Going to a land yacht or will my virtual gull have another rail to perch upon.

    Either way; Yeah for you two to scope out your new endeavors

    Capt Dan

  2. Sure fooled me! It’s NOT time!
    April Fools Day- should have figured.
    Following you dear friends as you await your return
    to beautiful Island Spirit
    Love from s/v Gusto!!!

  3. If we didn’t have Shawnee, we’d certainly make an offer !
    Can’t wait to read your continuing adventures.
    Fair Winds from Drew and Deb – now in Ft Pierce

  4. Dang!!! We were ready to lowball you .
    Our Buyers Broker , I.M. Sleazy who is with the firm Dewey,Cheatem&Howe was salivating at the thought of putting it to the Guru and Guress of Island Packet.
    You could have paid cash for a 1974 Matador with the money we offered.
    So now the April fool joke is on YOU

    Lisa are I took possession of a Beneteau 411 this year, a little more boat then a Hobie 16! . We will be launching her with Fred and Gail on April 16 to sail her to her new home on the Bohemia river.
    S/V Hwyl

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