Normans Cay

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We are anchored off the south side of Norman’s Cay, thanks to good friends Jim and Laurie of IP350 KISMET who suggested we come here for the upcoming high winds and cold front passing. There are about 12 boats anchored out here, waiting for the blow that will arrive over night, of course. What was so fantastic was the gift they gave us on our first day here. Jim and his good friend, Michael, are great hunters and fisherman and they came back with some lobsters after a day of successful hunting. They shared TWO, not one, but TWO LARGE lobster tails.  On the beach, Laurie demonstrated to all of us how to clean a lobster and how to de-vein the tail. She is an expert! These tails must have been 1.5 lbs each because 6 of us shared these and we all had plenty! Boat Buddies Dixey and Julie of IP32 MORNING GRACE grilled the tails to perfection following Laurie’s directions. We all were amazed and thrilled with this generous gift of fresh lobster. What a joy to share and eat. THANK YOU JIM and LAURIE and MICHAEL!

The GIFT of TWO large Lobsters! THANK YOU
Island Spirit and IP38 Moondance anchored off Norman’s Cay

Boat buddies: Julie and Dixey of IP32 MORNING GRACE
Boat Buddies: Bob and Nina of IP38 MOONDANCE

This is US, Hayden and Radeen, enjoying the cruising life
One of TWO grilled lobster tails

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  1. Lobster, blue water, beaches…

    Meanwhile I'm supposed to head up to upstate NY in the am. Right now a blizzard is starting there, forecast is close to two feet of snow and the temps tomorrow are supposed to be 7 with 40+ gusts.

    I think I might want to stay put.

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