Nippers Effect

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…These GoPro pics are so cool….

Of course we sailed Wendy and Craig to one of the greatest beach bars and burger joints in the Abacos….NIPPER’S on Great Guana Cay. Departing Marsh Harbor around 1130 hrs, we raised the mainsail and killed the engine before even leaving the harbor. With a very nice close reach, we sailed on the wind vane set at 55 degrees on our autopilot. Whenever we approach Great Guana Cay, the winds always seem to go more aft so we can easily reach along the shore up to Fisher’s Bay. We dropped anchor and took our time getting a good solid set. This harbor is full of grass and it takes patience to dig the anchor into the firm bottom.

Craig working the stunt kite on the Nipper’s Beach

Once set, we immediately hit the road for Nipper’s with stunt kites in hand. When we arrived, the party was well underway and that crazy Nipper Juice was kicking in for many in attendance there! From dancing to beach walks, even to gymnastics on the beach, the Nipper Juice was working it’s magic and all were having a blast!

Photos of the day at this great place…
( I shot 151 photos today, here are 15)

Hayden holding the GoPro out on a boat hook

GoPRo camera held up high over the bow

GoPro pic with the camera just inside the jib on a close reach

IP40 NAVIGATOR sailed with us to Nippers, Cliff single hands this 40

The scene at Nipper’s
Nipper Juice kicking in, with head stands on the beach….cool

Craig hits the beach with his stunt kites

Launching the stunt kite over the beach
Craig doing aerobatics with the stunt kites

Radeen and Wendy walking the beach
Back on Island Spirit, we enjoyed a great sunset

Solar Panels really work so well down here, right up to sundown

….Nipper’s….a must-visit place in the SEA of ABACO!

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  1. Nippers juice and then headstands…

    Doesn't sound like a winning combo.

    I love those go pro camera shots.

    Enjoying the sail along with you guys as usual. You are having way too much fun. Time to come back to the state and prune some shrubs.

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