Nipper’s Easter Egg Hunt

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Nipper’s Easter Bunny points the way

Nipper’s on Great Guana hosts a family Easter Egg hunt on the beach and on the reef. These people really know how to host a party and they get the locals and the boating community to attend their events. High up on the sand dune, maybe 30 steps down to the beach, we watched the kids of all ages dig into the sand to find over 1,000 prize marked eggs.

Sections of the beach are marked off for different ages and it is very well organized and managed. Age groups are lined up and allowed to begin at a given time, allowing only one age group to be on the beach at a time. The massive egg hunt ends with the 15 and up to 100+ age group digging into the beach looking for eggs.

The end of the adult egg hunt….
over $300 of prizes were unclaimed, never found!

This all goes on for about 2 hours, while oldies are playing and blasting across the beach by the DJ, and the observers are sipping on the “NIPPERS JUICE” via their custom Tervis tumblers. Nippers for the Easter Egg Hunt was yet another entertaining time and fun day. The children AND the Adults had a fun time and that should tell it all…

Here are some photos of the event….

Hayden enroute to the mighty NIPPER’s
Radeen poses next to the Nipper’s Tractor
Nipper’s Tervis Tumblers for the juice
The children love this event, and so do the adults
The reef was too rough for a snorkeling egg hunt
Look at this typical beautiful Bahamas beach!
Radeen on the beach at Great Guana Cay, Abacos

Thank you to Nipper’s for running one of the best beach bars in the Abacos. It must be something in the Nipper’s Juice. The saying goes….One, Two, Three, FLOOR!!….don’t go past 3…..

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