Newport Marina, Jersey City

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Sat, Sun Aug 25, 26, 2007…We spent $2.40/foot for a 40 foot/night for a slip in Newport Marina in Jersey City only to be tossed and turned as the boat rolls side to side due to the water taxis and ferry wakes. The other marinas in the Manhattan area charge $4.50/foot for a slip per night, but this one was only $2.40/foot/night. Why the DEAL? Well this video shows you why the price is so low.

Video of Newport Marina:

We still had a great time especially since our good friends, Tyler, Anita and Mark made a big effort to drive up to New York and sail Manhattan Harbor with us. We sailed right past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as well as under the Brooklyn Bridge and past Battery Park. What a fantastic sail, exciting, good wind, lots of sights, and MANHATTAN off the BOW! Absolutely incredible. One of the best sailing days of the entire summer. There is nothing like sailing past the Statue of Liberty…..noting beats this…..Welcome to NYC.

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