New NavPod and B&G Zeus9

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…Our NEw NavPod install….

Today, we installed our new NavPod at the helm and cut in the new Autopilot control head. We also added new USB ports and a 12 volt port along with a new LED cockpit light for the dinner table. All of this design is similar to the old NavPod we removed last week, so we did not have to reinvent the ideas, all we had to do was execute the design. This new NavPod came in with the cutout already there for the Zeus2-9.” We needed to cut in the new autoheld controller and mount the RAM mic.

12 Volt to port…USB to stb, bottom of NavPod

The new USB ports are by Blue Seas and the new LED light is bright and made by West Marine. Over all we are thrilled with the new gear and the install. The last task on this electronics refit is to run 12 volt power feed to mast base from the radar switch and to also connect the 12 volt to the Zeus9. Once we do that, the entire new B&G electronics upgrade will be completed. All that will be left is to commission the pilot and test out the compass and rudder references.

In one week we installed this B&G gear….

  • GPS antenna to support network
  • Compass 9 for autopilot
  • Rudder reference connected to the 8″ rudder arm and NAC-3
  • ACP-3 Autopilot computer
  • Triton2 in the cockpit for crew
  • Triton2 at the Nav Desk below decks
  • 4G Radar on the mast at the spreader
  • 508 Wind anemometer atop the mast
  • Zeus2 9″ chartplotter screen at the helm
  • Autopilot controller at the helm
  • New 2″ Thru Hull 
  • New DST 800 depth, speed, temp sensor
  • New NavPod
  • Ran all new NMEA 2000 backbone and tees
  • Removed all old electronics and sold it all on ebay, gone!
  • Pulled out all wires for old electronics
  • New LED steaming light
  • New LED running lights, stern light and mast head
  • New Standard Horizon GPS Explorer VHF with RAM mic
  • Replaced the AIS MillTech Camino radio
Set up boat to live on….
  • Installed all the canvas, sails and enclosure
  • Provisioned, launched and moved to Sunset Bay Marina
It has been a fun busy week, here are the photos of the Nav Pod install…
The navPod as it shipped

12 volt and USB and LED gear to be added

Mounted and wired up with the 12v plug, USB plug and Ram Mic

Layout work

First drill the corner holes

Next cut the area with a Dremel tool

Happy Hayden, we are doing this

Use the Dremel to sand the edges

Screw down the gear using the galley as the workshop

There it is, the back of the chartplotter and the autohelm controller

This equipment is wired into the NMEA 2000 backbone via tees

Bolt it down

USB to starboard on the bottom

LED light for the table at night

12 volt to port

The workshop! Now, clean this up so we can make dinner, which we did!

The new LED light at night, looks great
Thank you all for following along. We are having 500+ visitors a day to this blog. It is great to see the interest once again. Thank you.
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2 Replies to “New NavPod and B&G Zeus9”

  1. This entire project is an incredible accomplishment for you two, and a great addition to your beautiful Island Spirit.
    Wonder what your mileage will show this time next year – starting now from 00000!
    How exciting to try it all out – from all your B&G systems to the new reefing system. Photos of your car with the Long load out the back were pretty interesting.
    Good job!!!!!!
    and love from IP44-10 Gusto!!!

  2. Nice job. As the owner of s 508 wind instrument, be aware that they are known for problems… I have the ZEUS 9 at the nav station below deck and a ZEUS 12 on each helm/pod. Did you install the bluetooth autopilot remote?

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