Moon Rise Sunsets

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Our days here in Antigua are melting together as we have been enjoying life on anchor off Deep Bay and Jolly Harbour. Added to this, joy has been the full moon rising at or very near sunset, making for beautiful moonlit nights. We really do need to make ourselves up anchor and move to Carlisle Bay and Falmouth and then re-explore Nelson’s Dock Yard. For now, we are spoiled with this peaceful life here off Jolly Harbour.  The best part is we have cruising friends here working on their stored yachts prior to launching. Trust us, we will up anchor and move, but for now, it is peaceful right here. Allow us to share some photos.

Sunset off Deep Bay, so protected because the wind is ALWAYS EAST!
Oh look, a waterspout! YIKES. Lucky for us all,  it never moved into the harbor. FYI: A waterspout is a tornado over water!
Full moon rising over the beach of Deep Bay with our boat well lit below. A beautiful evening.
Sailing out of Deep Bay is downwind, so we rolled out the code zero and sailed back to Jolly Harbour.
Pool time with boat buddies, Kim & Dean IP38 DreamCatcher and Gerry & Jim IP445 Watermark III. Thank you for the invitation!
Back in Jolly, the full moon peeks over the mountain and reflects on the harbor.
My best artistic photo with the full moon inside our mainsheet block
Another wonderful sunset and full moon rising on anchor off Jolly Harbour.
We love looking at the moon reflecting on the water

All is Good here

With all yacht systems running, life is good here on anchor. The Epicurean is a very, very nice grocery store only one block from the dinghy dock, we have a fuel dock, and we have several beaches to enjoy. The upscale neighborhood of beautiful homes on the beach with their boathouses across the street on the harbor side makes for interesting daily walks. Plus,  we have fun friends here to visit!

Covid Data for Antigua

Covid cases are reported every day on the VHF radio net. Today they have 74 new cases and 1 death, Wednesday there were 305 new cases, with no deaths. The population here is 61% fully vaccinated.  In all time, Antigua has had 5800 cases with 122 deaths and a population of 98,000.

We are staying isolated and we only visit our 4 boat buddies. We do not eat out,, except for pizza on the porch at Al Porto, we do not hang out at pubs, or go to happy hours. Covid has changed so much and the last thing we want is to get covid in a remote country.  So, we are simply enjoying the cruising life, walking, swimming, beaching and dining onboard with our own happy hours. Not a bad thing at all. 

From Here?

After exploring Anitgua, we will sail north to Barbuda where there are about 500 people. We will stay anchored off the pink sand beaches and enjoy that for a few days, Then we will turn downwind and sail northwest to St. Martin French side, Marigot, and from there back to the USVI and BVI. We hope to spend most of Feb in BVI. After some time there, we need to move west to Puerto Rico and then make the offshore two day jump from PR to Turks and Caicos. Then onto the Bahamas for April. May 1  we will sail to the USA east coast. From there it will be a reach up the coast to Annapolis, MD / Rock Hall MD, HOME by mid May. This is our current plan. Now to keep all these boat systems all running.

Thanks for sailing along!

Hayden & Radeen

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6 Replies to “Moon Rise Sunsets”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    The moon seems much brighter than it appears up here…perhaps its an artifact of the photo’s or perhaps cause you’re closer to the equator?
    Remind me….wasn’t Dream Catcher in the marina at Rock Hall lo those many years ago?
    Sp you’ve decided not to explore the western Caribbean (ABC Islands and on to Panama.
    Maybe we can get together once you’re back in the states…especially if you decide to cruise up to Boston

  2. Sailors
    I woke up in the middle of the night and asked myself, I wonder what the Covid status is in Antigua these days?
    Thanks so much for update. By chance do you have any random photos of the 2 of you that you could share?
    Also, have you checked your galvonic isolation lately I’ve heard they can shed their gavonism at your Latitudes?
    Reef early,

  3. Hayden and Radeen, You have taken your photography to a new level. Lovely!
    You post makes me somewhat wistful as Flying Fish was supposed to be anchored alongside you by now. Plan B will send us to the Caribbean in the next couple of weeks. You may not be in Antigua when we arrive, but you can’t hide. We will find Island Spirit!

  4. The photo of Island Spirits cabin top with the moons natural light and the battery powered light from portholes and hatch is a balanced palate of contrasts.The image filled me with a sense of security.
    Your photos are fantastic.

  5. The photo of Island Spirits cabin top with the moons natural light and the battery powered light from portholes and hatch is a balanced palate of contrasts.The image filled me with a sense of security.
    Your photos are fantastic.

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