Milford CT to Watch Hill RI

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Anchor up at 0530, pressing on to make the run to Watch Hill, RI. The reason we are pressing on so hard and so fast, is to connect with a planned Helicopter Photo Session scheduled for Monday at 1-2pm off Point Judith RI. The Island Packet Fleet has owners with many talents and resources and one owns his own helicopter and another friend is a professional photographer, so there you go. More on that later, should be really fun….

After the storm last night, 42 knots on anchor, the skies cleared and with a beautiful sun rise and we powered to the east for Watch Hill 55 miles ahead. What was in the forecast was 5-10 NW winds and “patchy fog” and what we had was 0-5 NE with TOTAL PEA SOUP FOG. Yea, as usual, that was close NOAA. After about 1 hr of running at 7.0 knots with SOG of 8+ we were overtaken with this FOG. This turned out to be really good learning and review of our radar systems and chartplotters because, at one boat length, you could hardly see the other boats. Many times we could only see each other on radar and this is how we knew where we were. Still running at 7.0 knots, we powered on full steam ahead. (note: we did back down to 6 knots eventually, but we pressed on)

The nice aspect to this run, is that it was early, we had open clean water, it was calm, and the weekend traffic for a Saturday had not yet come out. As we ran behind LONG SAND SHOAL and exited between the RED and GREEN we could only see the marks once we were within 100 yards. This is always very stressful and makes for a very long run. The fog remained with us all day until we reached Fishers Island Sound, where we could now see about 1 mile.

Upon arrival Watch Hill, RI anchorage, we were greeted to a cannon blast across the bow of Island Spirit that just about blew me off the bow! WELCOME ISLAND SPIRIT and the IP FLEET from IP420 WIND RUNNER who owns one of those really cool custom cannons. I was a boat length off his beam and I could feel the pressure on my unsuspecting body! THANK YOU JIM and VANESSA, what a welcome.

We now will take a much needed lay day (Sunday) after pressing everyday for a week from Rock Hall, MD.

We are about 240 miles from Rock Hall, MD and about 150 miles to Portland Maine as the crow flies! Not bad for one week of travel.

Actual Miles traveled since departure:
353.9 nm

Running 7.0 knots in FOG
Notice two Island Packets…about 2 boat lengths off

IP420 Wind Runner, Jim and Vanessa, welcome us with a cannon
I am now anchored off his stern where I can keep a watch on his WILD cannon!

St. Clair Annex, Ice Cream, Breakfast and Sandwiches….perfect
Watch Hill is such a nice New England Town…
The Watch Hill Merry Go Round, families have loved this since 1883!

The #1 Attraction at Watch Hill, RI…..THE BEACH
Here are the fees charged in June 2009, we go for free from the anchorage!
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