Miami, FL

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SP Cruiser Catspaw offshore South Beach, Miami 

We utilized a brief weather window to go offshore from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, with a forecast of small craft advisories and worsening as the week progressed. We felt we could take nearly anything for the short 26 mile ocean leg to get into Biscayne Bay and be in more protected waters for the move on south. So, out the inlet we went with 15 knots blowing in and the tide still flowing in near high tide. Inlets can be very rough if you have the wind (in this case E at 15) blowing against an OUT flowing tide. Wind against current can be a dangerous situation, as the waves come up very steep and very close.

Harness on to go forward onto the deck

Our exit to sea was manageable and once offshore, we added the full jib and staysail to the reefed main for a BEAUTIFUL beam reach to the Miami inlet. With departing Ft. Lauderdale at 1 hr before high tide, we arrived at the Miami inlet with the tide flowing OUT into the wind. Lucky for us, the winds were only 10-15 knots, plus Government Cut runs a bit south of east so the waves were manageable going into this inlet.

South Beach Miami arriving from sea

It is so exciting to arrive Miami from sea, passing Hollywood, North Miami, and Miami Beach and then through the inlet leaving South Beach to starboard. Fisherman’s Passage goes south of Dodge Island, past the massive shipping cranes for the Port of Miami. This channel runs right up to the city, joining the ICW once again and going north or south depending on the destination. We are heading south for Marathon, so we entered Biscayne Bay with dolphins and sandy beaches and palm trees where we dropped anchor just south of the causeway bridge at Virginia Island. Our lead boat and buddy boat SP Cruiser Catspaw, Carey and Bobbi, had us over for a cocktail party. We enjoyed the company of another buddy boat, Long Gone, with Stuart and Chuck. Life is fantastic off a sandy beach in 75 degree Dec. 12th weather. Next Stop….Boca Chita, once a private island, now a park….

Fisherman’s Channel passes the shipping terminal
Massive cranes for offloading container ships.
Notice the dinghy running in the channel
Team Island Spirit motoring past the Port of Miami….very exciting
Notice the ICW waterway channel marker to turn north or south along the city
Miami and the colorful city framed by our USA flag
SP Cruiser Catspaw, Carey and Bobbi anchored in Biscayne Bay
South of Virgina Key
Island Spirit at sunset, our first of many in the Florida Keys
Miami city lights reflect off the rain soaked decks
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