Miami Beach, FL

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In the AM, this local paddled by our boat with his dog….FUN

Miami Beach / South Beach Florida is one incredible place to visit by sailboat. First of all, sailors can anchor right off the west shore of Miami Beach and then take their tenders into the Collins Canal and tie up to a small dock right on Dade Boulevard. It is easy to climb out of the canal and walk into town or hop on a local bus for 25 cents and ride it to Ocean Drive. We chose to walk via Lincoln Road Mall and then meandered our way east to Ocean Drive where we turned south and then walked down to 8th Avenue.

The address to walk in Miami Beach, FL

The scene is really fantastic with restored Art Deco Architecture and beautiful street side cafes and sidewalk dining. We simply kept walking south and south and south and eventually needed a break and took time for a nice late lunch. We had a sidewalk table at THE NEWS CAFE, 8th and Ocean Drive, and enjoyed a Cafe con Leche and a Cuban Sandwich while watching the people walk by. Life is absolutely surreal on Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami. The weather is beautiful, the people are lively, the architecture is fabulous, the beach is spectacular, and the pubs and restaurants are top notch. It would be very interesting to live here!

Speaking of living here, we found a one bedroom/one bath efficiency apartment for sale for $105,000 that is rented for $2,000 per month. WOW, what an investment. Living in Miami Beach Florida is a life in contrast. Some people drive a Rolls Royce, others drive a VW, some live in million dollar condos while others live in the city parks. One block is for millionaires while another block is for the homeless. We have never been in a city with so much diversity within such a confined small area.

From a boating perspective, it is easy to anchor off the west shore, and it is a wonderful town to walk and to visit. There is no place in the world like Miami Beach / South Beach, Florida! It is ….FUN…DIVERSE…and …INTERESTING….

Here is a photo essay of the day…

Our anchorage off Miami Beach, at night
Winter Haven on Ocean Drive, typical Art Deco Architecture
Merry Christmas from Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL
THE PLACE: The Royal Palm. If you want ground zero, this is IT
This is a Ferrari parked at the Royal Palm
Here is a Ford Hennesy GT1000,
the fastest car in the world. 265 MPH in one mile, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds!
Ford Hennessey GT1000
Ford Hennessey GT1000
Ford Hennessey GT1000
Rolls Royce, one of many on Ocean Drive
These are as common as Chevys here in South Beach at the Royal Palm 
Royal Palm and the RITZ, this is where you drive your Rolls
South Beach…..I found my NEW JOB, swimsuit model photographer….DONE
Hey, I can do this. I know how to use a camera. Hey….I have that camera!
Typical Sidewalk cafe and sofa and chairs to enjoy a coffee or cocktail
OK, time to head home. We rode the tender down the Collins Canal and under the bridges
The sun is setting across the harbor looking west at Miami from Miami Beach
A Carnival cruise ship in front of a bridge, heading out to the Bahamas from Miami

Here is a MAP of WHERE WE WALKED as we explored Miami Beach! Click this map and study!

What a day, what fun. Imagine, all day to walk around Miami Beach and South Beach, Florida. We are living a dream, and we appreciate every day. Thank you for sharing our adventures together. Tomorrow, we will move south to Dinner Key and Coconut Grove area for a few days.

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  1. When you are down in Coconut Grove area you are right near where I picked ei' Lean up… Matheson Hammock County Park & Marina.

    Right at the Marina is the Red Fish Grill.

    Google it. If you are up for a good meal in a great location this is the place.

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