MD to NC 7 days

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…7 Days down the ICW…

We left the Annapolis MD Boat Show on Monday and here we are 7 days later in River Dunes North Carolina. The run south, as usual, is a motor run plus a jib sail when this can be added. This is a casual run, but at the same time, you are running 8-10 hours every day and you need to cover the distances. For example, here are the legs we ran so far. Annapolis to Solomons. Solomons to Dymer Creek, VA. Dymer Creek to Hampton VA. Hampton to Coinjock. Coinjock to Alligator River/Pungo Canal Deep Creek Point. Deep Creek Point to River Dunes, NC. We traveled 150 miles down the Chesapeake Bay and 173 miles down the ICW. That makes a total so far of 323 miles divided by 7 days equals 46 miles a day average! So, you can see it takes time and effort to make the run down the coast.

25 knots gusting 30 knots

We are working on the Spot mapping integration and interactive map. We use an old simple SPOT satellite transmitter that sends our position reports to our blog when we press a button. We also use a service called that picks up where the SPOT company dropped the ball. SpotWalla takes our positions and then creates trip maps for us within any date range we set up. Our current SpotWalla map will run from Oct 1, 2015 to June 1 2016 and it will be archiving and drawing a line connecting every place we travel. We find this really interesting and a great way to share the trip. Since we do not have our transmitter report on an automatic bases, we simply press the button at key points along the way and at every place where we spend a night. Below is the link to our current SpotWalla live map.

Thank you for sailing along. Onward towards Florida and the Bahamas….

Here are some photos as we motored VA to NC

Our first cold front, 42 degrees F, brrrrrr

The view from the helm, notice the full enclosed cockpit, keeps the wind and spray down
Some day we will enjoy the fire pits at River Dunes

…and the sofas and fireplace as well

Radeen at the helm

Sunset at Deep Creek Pungo River Canal

Radeen and Hayden out with the team in Oriental NC

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  1. It's killing me to see you bundled up.

    Years ago Barb and I ordered a Heater – Mr. Heater® Little Buddy® Indoor Infrared Propane Heater (F215100) Item no: 4302881 from Ace Hardware on line and had it delivered (free) to the Ace store in Fernandina Beach (walking distance from the Marina). Yes, the enclosed cockpit "sunroom" warms up nicely once the sun comes up, but the saloon takes a while. Our Little Buddy takes the edge off down below or in the cockpit. I recommend it highly.

    Safe sailing to you both!

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