Marsh Harbor Daze

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…The Jib Room Steak Night is to die for….

We are simply living, or should I say, living simply, here in Marsh Harbor, Abaco, Bahamas. It is a simple and easy life here on anchor with trips to the massive Maxwell’s Grocery store or Standard Hardware store or simply a walk around town. Then there are dinghy rides around the harbor to visit with boating friends. Of course, the real draw in Marsh Harbor is the JIB ROOM, where Wednesday night is RIB NIGHT and Saturday night is STEAK NIGHT.
These are must attend events! The food is always fantastic, the drinks are reasonably priced, the owners are superb people, and the entertainment is really fun. How can we NOT go to The Jib Room? We go….nearly every time we are here!

Yes, living on the anchor in Marsh Harbor is easy. You can get plenty of work done on the boat because there are many services and supply houses to keep your boat running. If not, then hire an import company to fly in whatever you need, for a 45% duty tax!

Here are a few photos of the Marsh Harbor Daze….

RIB NIGHT at the Jib Room, a must go event

So, you think you can LIMBO with Desmond?….see below!

Desmond warms up with about 30 one-handed push ups!
Try this…I can do ONE

Desmond is the LIMBO KING, no one can go lower!

 Steve, from Iowa, hosted a party on board his IP38,SLOW FLIGHT

IP38 MOON DANCE, Bob and Nina, from Oklahoma, with Hayden and Radeen

Tom and Linda, owners of the famous JIB ROOM in Marsh Harbor

Hayden, Mark and Dennis
IP40 DOWN ISLAND, Mark single hands his 40 from Florida
IP420 TRUE NORTH, Dennis sails with Debi.
Their hailing port is Deadwood City, South Dakota!


Debi, Radeen and Nina enjoying the Jib Room 
Hayden, Mark and Dennis talk serious boat stuff

Rake and Scrape time! Kurt playing a cross cut saw with a long screwdriver.

Debi and Jason breakin out the dance moves….so much fun!

Debi showing Jason how to move. Jason says, “You go, Girl….”

Oh yea, we tore off the alternator once again for another rebuild with  parts flown-in for $$$.
Let’s see if this works better. It was working fine on the last rebuild, but I wanted new, original parts.

So, life is a DAZE and we can see how boaters easily make Marsh Harbor a base. You have everything you need here.

We do plan to move on soon, breaching the WHALE CAY passage and starting our travels north …. anytime …. anytime… soon …. 🙂

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  1. Oh man this is getting tough….

    I just got done looking at some delicious Pot Roast and Taters on Gra'inne Blog then I come here for Ribs and Steak.

    Cmon… give me a break. Its 0630 here and I'm eating microwave oatmeal.

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