Marathon, FL, Week 1

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Happy Wife….Happy Life…here in FL

We have here been here a week already and we find it is sure EASY to live at HCC, Harbour Cay Club, a private marina facility. Life at the dock is wonderful, with endless power, water, laundry, and a beautiful club house. We have been riding our bikes all over town and enjoying the traditional Tiki Hut nightly sunset gatherings at 1700 hrs. The weather is fantastic, as it is not hot and it is not cold and there are no bugs. We don’t need our air conditioning, but we do need sun screen and shade. It has not rained except for small sprinkles which last about 10 minutes and then we enjoy beautiful rainbows afterwards. Yes, life at HCC in Marathon, Florida, is paradise and very peaceful and relaxing. It will be difficult to press on out of here after our month ends, but that is our plan.

New Samsung Nexus Phones…about time we upgrade
It’s been 3 years with a Blackberry Curve!

Christmas arrived here with packages from Radeen’s family in Seattle and Phoenix. We finally upgraded our 3+ year old cell phones to the new Samsung Google Nexus with Android 4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. We both now have the same phones which makes it easier to learn. It feels like Christmas when the festive packages and delicious treats arrive. Thanks everyone!

Here are some photos for the week….Merry Christmas Everyone!

Radeen riding her lil’ red bike on the old Seven Mile Bridge
Team Island Packet Fleet at HCC Christmas Party
We miss Capt. JIM!
Our bread baking skills are progressing, here are two new loaves
We really enjoy our pet iguana.. We named him IGGY cause my brother had one named that.
Iggy is so beautiful and he changes colors on the fly
Iggy trying to match the color of the anchor….yet his belly is green
Iggy resting on the anchor
Iggy on the rocks along the mangroves
Christmas decorations on the boat
Team Steak Dinner night on the HCC Lanai
Pelicans in the sunset from the Tiki Hut where we meet at 1700
The Tiki Hut is BYOB, where slip owners and transients gather nightly

Yes…life at HCC, Harbour Cay Club, is really peaceful, relaxing, quiet and friendly. This 24 slip club is a great place to spend a winter. Forecast for today, 80 degrees and sunny. Rest of the week is like this: 80 during the day, 70 at night, sunny, slight change of showers…. ahhh, a tropical Christmas!

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