Maine 2009 Trip Ends

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It has been the best summer sailing trip ever, with 1,636 miles covered to Acadia Maine and back. The trans output coupler nut held together all the way from Boothbay Maine to Rock Hall, MD. Traveling with buddy boats was fun, and added a new dimension to the cruise. We sincerely enjoyed traveling with a fleet of Island Packet friends as this add so much more to the adventures. We would do this again and we really enjoyed this “fleet” aspect of this summer.

We will edit and update this blog with more MAINE photos and more charts as we wind down this summer 2009. For now, it is time to clean up the boat, and return to home, and return to our teaching positions as we prepare for our 30th and 31th year of teaching!

Thank you for following our summer sail to Maine 2009….

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