Mailchimp’s on strike: TEST POST

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I have been having trouble with my Mailchimp being on strike. The CHIMP needs more bananas I guess.  For some reason, since Jan 3, the CHIMP stopped sending out my emails announcing the new blog updates. Now, with old posts, I am making this new post to see if the CHIMP will find this and email this new post.

If the CHIMP wakes up and finds this new post, then it is scheduled to send the email at 0900 NY Time. Well, that is 1000 Antigua time. SO, now I wait yet again.

Sailing the Code Zero off Antigua, Jan 2022

Meanwhile, here are the latest posts that did not send….

Thank you to my fellow CHIMP TRAINER, Greg Kerlin who is helping endlessly with trying to get my chimp back to work and off strike. Greg and Kate are running a BEAUTIFUL LAND YACHT and Greg writes a fantastic blog with amazing photos here. You should subscribe to his blog as well and enjoy the land yachting scene. Thank you, Greg!



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3 Replies to “Mailchimp’s on strike: TEST POST”

  1. Really a pleasure to read your posts. Our Island Packet 350 is on the hard in Wilson NY off Lake Ontario. You are right, she is like family. I miss her a lot. We hope to explore the Canadian shore next summer then go out the St. Lawrence to Nova Scotia, then head down the Coast to the Carribean.

    I would like to have a blog of my travels but I worry that someone would know I am not home and break in my residence while I am sailing. Have a good time and safe passages.

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