Long Island Blues

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Blue water as we sail for Long Island…

The farther into the Bahamas we sail, the more BLUE it all seems to be, the sky and the water, so we are calling this Long Island BLUES…..
Long Island is in the Far Bahamas, 48 miles east south east of George Town with several harbors. We chose the most popular harbor, mile wide Thompson Bay, for our arrival, and found only 15 other cruising sailboats on anchor. We plan to stay for the next cold front passing here in a few days with 25+ knot NW winds. After that passes, we will decide where to go next.

There it is again, our shadow on the sand 10 feet down….beautiful

Our primary target from here is the Abacos by April for our good friends Wendy and Craig to arrive. We have a month to get there and are excited see the Exumas, stopping at all the places we missed on the way south. For now, we will take in these beautiful blue waters and discover Long Island.

Here are some Long Island BLUES photos….

Using a GoPro camera on a boat hook (Blaine Style) to get these great shots!

Radeen reading her 20,000th book…..librarians want to read them all 🙂

Hayden sailing, Radeen reading, enjoying the blue waters
We are real lazy here, JIB ONLY….cruiser style
Sunset at anchor off Indian Point, Long Island, we are about a mile from town

So….we will explore Long Island tomorrow. Most likely, we will ride out the next cold front behind Indian Point for protection. Too much to discover….too little time….but, we will do out best 🙂 Thanks for traveling along with us….

This was UPLOADED from nearly off the GRID …..here
Long Island, Bahamas

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  1. i may not leave many comments but I do sooooo enjoy your blogs….raydeen, I wish i had all 20,0000 of your books!!!! You are having the time of your lives!!! Miss you both and love you and can't wait to see you both!!!!love, kate xxxoo

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