Little Farmers Cay

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…IP440 Sea Star shows us Little Farmer’s….

With the lead of Dan and Kathy on IP440 Sea Star, we motor sailed from Black Point to Little Farmer’s Cay into the slot of water between Little Farmer’s and Great Guana Cay. There we dropped the anchor on the sand bar in about 8 feet of water at low tide. The charts show 3 feet of water here, but like so many places we have noticed, the water is actually deeper than the charts show. This turned out to be a great spot with good protection for almost all directions. We enjoyed snacks aboard Carmen and Chuck’s Fontaine Pajot Soul Mates.

Hayden, Radeen, Chuck, Carmen, Kathy and Dan
Head into Ocean Cabin for Dinner

The winds were calm and we were still a few days before the front, so we enjoyed the island scene the next day. We took our dinghies around to the other side and had mid-day refreshments at TY’s Sunset Beach Bar. Wow, what a beautiful place that is. Then in the evening, Dan and Kathy made reservations with Terry Bains, owner of OCEAN CABIN, where we had steak, lobster, fish and conch dinners. While anchored here, we were treated to beautiful sunsets and full moon rises two nights in a row. Fifty-five people live on Little Farmer’s Cay and you can walk the entire island in about 45 minutes. From here, we headed farther south into the less populated Exumas to Rudder Cut Cay.

Here are some Little Farmer’s Photos

Anchored on the sand bank off the channel at Little Farmer’s Day

Full moon rising off Little Farmer’s

Full moon settting at sunrise over IP440 Sea Star

The simultaneous sunrise off Little Farmer’s Cay

Our boat bow is pointed SE as the sun rises

Porthole view. IP 440 Sea Star, IP 380 Gotta Jibboo

Ernestine and Terry at Ocean Cabin. Happy anniversary and happy birthday!

Moon setting day two over the bow of 440 Sea Star

Just too interesting, full moon in the rigging of 440 Sea Star

Full Moon in the rigging at dawn.

Sunrise on day two.

Ty’s Beach Bar on Little Farmer’s, so beautiful

The team gathers for mid-day refreshments

The harbor near Ocean Cabin

Beached ship on Great Guana

Our late afternoon shadow on the sand bar

Little Farmer’s Cay needs to explored more thoroughly. We want to return to try the Little Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club for dinner. The lower Exumas, so much to discover and so little time….

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  1. I never get tired of seeing how clear and beautiful that Bahamian water is. Thanks for sharing.

    We both had beautiful full moons but from completely different vantage points.

  2. I'm salivating! You are having great luck! Party on a catamaran (so much room) and running into Dan and Kathy on "Sea Star". Stick with Dan and Kathy! Give them a big hug from Barb and me. They are a wealth of information and brimming competence. I dare you to take their advice about Hog Sty Cay, Jamaica and the Cays to the south (I will not name them here, because it is like giving away the map to a treasure). If not this season, put this on your bucket list for another season. Have fun and be safe!

  3. Really enjoyed this post – BEAUTIFUL pictures, and it really takes me back – I think we must have anchored very close to there a few years ago, though we went ashore on Great Guana Cay instead of Farmers – there was a pretty cool cave on Great Guana that I went swimming in! (Fresh water – it was inland a little.) Would love to get back there sometime!

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