Life aboard: Vero Beach, FL

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Paradise FOUND:
Life aboard Island Spirit, Vero Beach FL. Our first winter aboard…
…on a study sabbatical working on new Master’s Degrees via Drexel University online
Here is what a day is like…

1. Wake up via the Florida State bird, The Mockingbird, and listen to a full repertoire of 20+ bird calls. This mockingbird is GOOD! 0430!
2. Doze off, wake up, doze off, repeat till fully awake. 0730.
3. Brew coffee, pack bathroom bag, and coffee to go, and walk to the bathhouse. 0800.
4. Pick up subscription newspaper on way to bathhouse. 0805.
5. Hit the showers, then head for the captains’ lounge. Read the paper. 0815-0830.
6. Return to Island Spirit, prepare a hearty breakfast, eggs, pancakes, fruit. 0830-0900.
7. Read the am paper, check emails, prepare for the day. 0900-0945.
8. Pack book bags w/network, laptops, lunch, books, notebooks, and head for the Vero Library. 0945-1000.
9. Arrive at the library, take over a corner window 6 foot desk, set up our own network, 2 laptops, get online, and login to 1015
10. Work online, via participate in discussion boards, start new threads, reply to threads, read, write, keep up. 1015-1400.
11. Take a break for lunch when enough is enough…1400
12. Return to work, writing, reading, and participating until we had our fill. 1400-1600.
13. Leave Library, return to Island Spirit 1600.
14. Break out the bikes, go for a cross Vero ride, three parks, tour the beach, ride the town. 1600-1700
15. Return to Island Spirit, cover bikes, prepare for sundowners, and enjoy the sunset. 1700-1800
16. Work together to prepare a fantastic meal, and enjoy this alfresco in the cockpit. 1800-1900
17. Read, study, enjoy the evening, go for strolls, look at the stars, live. 1900-2200
18. Prepare for bed, lights out 2230.
19. Dream of another wonderful day, prepare for AM mocking bird wake up. Return to #1, start over!
20. L I F E….IS….G O O D….!

No TV! We have not watched TV for over 10 months! We do not miss it one bit!
We read, we study, we ride bike, walk, go to the beach, and work on the boat…we simply L I V E…
LIFE IS GOOD on Island Spirit

Heading for Library w/Island Spirit in backgroundv Vero Library Work Desk…NICE View

Bike Rides most days after Library

Typical Pelicans on Piling

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