Last Resort Sam Bellamy Party

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…Hayden & Radeen at Piarate Party…
We moved back to Trellis Bay from Cooper Island and reconnected with “Team Six Knots” so we could attend the Pirate Party at the Last Resort, now referred to as The Island of Last Resort. We were glad IP38 AMORA II and IP380 ANTARES decided to stay for the festivities. The party was to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Black Sam Bellamy, whose ship was lost at sea off the coast of Cape Cod 300 years ago. “Black” referred to his long black flowing hair tied back into a ponytail. He chose not to wear a white powdered wig, which was fashionable at the time. When he died at age 28, Sam was the wealthiest pirate in history, who was never reported to have killed anyone. He was known to hide in Trellis Bay and the island where The Last Resort is located is named Bellamy Cay. 
Michael Beans, the best Pirate Singing Show in the Caribbean
Happy Birthday, Michael! A day to remember!
The party started with Michael Beans singing pirate songs and sharing the story of Sam Bellamy. It continued with pirate trivia, games for the children, a conch blowing contest (Hayden won again!), a fire dancing couple and several fine musicians.
Here are some photos of the party….
What would a Pirate Party be without a pig roasting on a spit?

Piarate Lauren of 42′ Grand Banks SEA STAR

The new boat-shaped stage built for the party, broken in by Michael Beans

Dan and Judy of IP 38 AMORA II

Micahael Beans is the best musician, singing old sea shanties and his own work

….”Hi, I am sailing from Italy to my home in Australia. I am a Pirate GrL”

The Party atmosphere created by Michael Beans is really fun, plus add a little RUM

The winners arrrr…..

Hayden, Radeen, Joe, Jackie, Bill and Lauren

Arrrrrrr…..Team Six Knots…42′ Grand Banks SEA STAR Bill and Lauren

The required selfie, fun fun fun

Hayden with the Fire Dancing Team

A very interesting show, the Fire Dancers of The Last Resort

Beautiful Fire Dancer with constant flames on the hem of her skirt

We survived and here is the selfie to prove it!
Hayden, Radeen, Meloney, Don, Lauren and Bill
…Did I say ARRRRRRRRR?…..

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  1. Some future day pirates will no longer be regaled in song and lore as the heroes of the bounding main.No No!!! Future generations will be extolling the conch blowing,rum drinking,vagabonds of the Caribbean….and the name "Cochran" will evoke admiration and awe.Two time winner and you are on a roll.Well done .

  2. Kathy and Gary agree with T. Knox: The Cochran name will be celebrated in song, legend, and ~ ultimately ~ myth! We also agree with Greg K: aaarrrggghhh!!!

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