Kate & Greg

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Kate, Greg, Hayden & Radeen in Beaufort
With Doodles Gracie and Lucy
There are special people in this world and then there are REALLY SPECIAL PEOPLE who make a difference in people’s lives. Our trip through Beaufort is always diverted to enjoy a visit with our very special friends, Greg and Kate, who are some of the most gracious and generous people we have ever met. They host us at their home, prepare fabulous meals, drive us around to the grocery story, take us out for fast rides on their powerboat, help us with laundry, and entertain us with great conversations and stories of travels and adventures. Greg and Kate run the blog Tails from the Highway where they post travel reports as they explore the West and Southwest via their 37 foot fifth wheel camper. They were also IP350 owners (boat named ei”Lean) and that is our original connection together via the IPY fleet. Now, they are very dear friends. It is nearly impossible to move on, but we must. THANK YOU BOTH for everything!

Here are some photos from our visit

Kate and Radeen on their lovely porch, enjoying champagne
Note the rosy cheeks and happy smiles!
They surprised us on approach to Beaufort in Kate’s new boat….Greg really spoils her 🙂

Hayden and Greg …Cheers!

Kate spoiling us with a delicious Italian meal

Kate and Greg’s T-top next to Island Spirit

The Need for SPEED, Yamaha 150 doing about 35!

Kate spoils us again with another fantastic dinner
How will we ever leave????

Island Spirit in the view from their window

One of two Doodles, Gracie is the lap dog and will be your best friend

Thank you again for your generous hospitality, Greg and Kate!  We will see you in the spring!

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  1. It was nice to see a "real boat" in my slip rather than Kates little blue toy.

    It was also nice to look out the window and see an IP in the slip… I imagined it was still ei' Lean out there.

    Hurry back – the Doodles (and us) already miss you guys.

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