Jim and Gail visit

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Gail and Radeen at Boca Chita….

Radeen’s college roommate and bridesmaid, Gail, and her husband, Jim, also our college friend, made the trek from snowy PA to Miami for some Island Spirit time. They arrived via a one way flight PHL to MIA direct on American Airlines. They took us up on the offer of a free car, our 2003 Ford Taurus, which they could  use for explorations as they return home. This was a win/win. They get a free car and we get the car from Florida back to PA where we will be in late May. Adventurous people these guys are and we really appreciate the car move.

Jim and Hayden at Boca Chita

The week flew by but not without tons of fun. great meals, plenty of wine and beer and simply enjoying and sharing the Biscayne Bay area. The week progressed with watching some of the World Cup sailing races, exploring Boca Chita, part of Biscayne Bay National Park, then on to South Beach for the Miami Marathon and a live New World Symphony Wall Concert in the park. Next we sailed to a sandy beach off Virginia Key and went swimming with IPs Catspaw and Tamarak. We came back to Dinner Key and Coconut Grove for some town exploring, including a fascinating tour of The Barnacle, the original home of a brilliant early settler, photographer and boat builder. Then we had a dream day of sailing all over Biscayne Bay in 15-20 knots of east winds. We ended the day anchoring off the Nixon Estate with a wonderful meal on anchor with boat buddy Tamarak Bill. On our last day, we drove to Biscayne Bay National Park in Homestead, small but very interesting. The movie on the history of Stiltsville was timely, since we had just seen the seven remaining homes by boat. We did errands, such as an oil change for “Goldie” and stopped at Home Depot and Publix. Gail and Jim took us out for a delightful dinner in Coconut Grove at Calamari, a wonderful Italian restaurant.

Radeen and Gail preparing a great meal together

Radeen and Gail out did themselves cooking dinners and fixing great snacks and drinks. Most meals were cooked on board except for a few meals out. In Coconut Grove, we enjoyed The Green Street Cafe for breakfast and Lulu’s for dinner. In South Beach, we had breakfast at The News. Team Island Spirit loves living and cooking on board and sharing this beautiful life with close friends. Jim and Gail had a great time and they now see what we have been dong for the past three years!

Here are the best 50 photos of the week, starting with the bountiful treats Gail and Jim brought us!

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