Jib Room to Man O War to Nippers

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Stephen and Jason, the best Bartenders in Abaco…..

Here we are spending a week based out of Marsh Harbor anchored right off our favorite place, THE JIB ROOM. We have completed our boat services preparing for our exit north and run back to the US coast. We have been studying the weather every day at 0630-0730 with Chris Parker on SSB 4045 mHz. Then we look at NOAA weather, trying to keep up with the frontal progressions, watching for an exit window for our crossing. Meanwhile, life around here is really fun and easy. With Wednesday night RIB NIGHT, Saturday night STEAK NIGHT and toss in Thursday night with Cruisers POT LUCK, the Jib Room has it figured out. Great people, great atmosphere, great family, great food, great drinks, great friends, The Jib Room is one of the reasons why we are here! Thank you Tom, Linda, Stephen, Bradley, Jason, Desmond, Marvin, Latasha and the rest of the staff. What a fantastic team!

The Albury Brothers Boat Building, Man O War Cay

From Marsh Harbor, we motored over to Man O War Cay, anchoring off the island and taking the dinghy into town for a review of the shops and great businesses. It was fun to show our boat buddies, Dixie and Julie, the Albury Brothers Boat Building business, Albury Sail Loft, and Edwin’s Boat Yard. Of course a stop at the ice cream parlor was a must and a walk to the ocean beach observing the beautifully kept homes and gardens of Man O War.  The residents of Man O War are very industrious and hard working. What a great island.

The Nipper’s Easter Egg Hunt in the surf for ages 12 and up

Finally, no trip to Abaco would be complete without a trip to NIPPERS, especially on Easter Sunday. This year we traveled by Albury Ferry due to northhwesterly winds. The famous Nipper’s Easter Egg Hunt on the beach and in the surf on Great Guana Cay is fantastic. Johnny has been doing the Sunday Pig Roast Buffet for 20 years and it is very well attended. Toss in the delicious NIPPER JUICE, and a beautiful beach, a gorgeous pool, great music, dancing and swimming and you will see the fun of Nipper’s. Thank you, Johnny, for hosting a really great Easter Day!

Here are some photos of the week…

The Albury Brothers rolling resin onto fiberglass mat for an Albury 24

Varnish work on Island Spirit, coat #6 of Epifanes

The Jib Room: Marvin the master of the Grill, and Latasha the hostess

The Jib Room: Bradley and Latasha

Boat Buddies IP420 TRUE NORTH: Debi and Denny

Boat Buddy: GLASS SLIPPER, Mary and Radeen
Boat Buddies IP38 MOONDANCE, Bob and Nina
The Jib Room all smiles: Bradley and her good friends
IP 38 ALPENGLOW, Tim and Susan, with Hayden and Radeen at the Jib Room
The Jib Room: Steak Night, we cut these in half for Steak n Eggs in the AM 🙂

THE LIMBO KING #1, Desmond at The Jib Room


Hayden is holding 6 crumpled fishing boat stickers he peeled off The NIPPER’s sign!
This idea of fishing boats slapping their stickers all over public spaces is really frustrating. We see it as vandalism.
We peel off every one we can. Hayden would love to find one of these fishing boats and put 1,000 stickers on its hull.

The NIPPER’s Beach Bar on Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt at Nipper’s on the beach. Some eggs were hidden in the seaweed.

Nipper’s Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach for ages 11 and under

Boat Buddy Colleen on GLASS SLIPPER holds her Nipper Easter Egg Prizes
The beach on Great Guana Cay is so beautiful

Radeen strikes a pose on Great Guana Cay off Nipper’s

Happy Easter 2014 from Great Guana Cay, Abaco, The Bahamas

Our Boat Buddies, Debi & Denny and Julie & Dixey, walking the beach

Boat Buddies: IP420 TRUE NORTH, Denny and Debi

Radeen and Hayden, appreciating the sun after a windy, rainy Saturday.

Hayden with THE MAN, JOHNNY, owner of Nipper’s Beach Bar. Thank you, Johnny!

Of course, the day is not complete without a walk to GRABBERS

So, our time is drawing to a close here in Abaco. We are looking at moving north of the Whale Cay Cut on Tuesday, heading up to Green Turtle Cay. There we will make a final study of the fronts and weather patterns and set our exit for the coast. We are looking at making a run from Great Sale Cay to anywhere in north Florida or South Carolina. We are thinking of trying a 2-3-4 day ocean passage with a few other boats, but it will all depend on if we can find a good weather window.

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  1. Another great season.

    Looks like you folks had a fun easter in Nipperland for sure. We spent easter at 65mph across Kansas.

    Now are in Twin Falls, Idaho. Phase I is complete.

    Next – we leave the DogHouse here and do a 4-day round trip to Casa Grande to get the Monty.

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