Jib Room and Beyond

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…Hayden and Craig work the Rake n Scrap w/Jason….

Team Island Spirit has been exploring from the Jib Room in Marsh Harbor, out and about on the Sea of Abaco. With fun and easy day sails to Man O War Cay, Hope Town and Tahiti Beach, we have crossed the vast Sea of Abaco four times now and we have sailed every single leg! Life is so easy when you base out of Marsh Harbor because every location is within seven to ten miles, so there is never a long trip to any of these great locations. Over at Man O Way Cay, we anchored off the lee side in 10 feet of water where our manly 55 lb ROCNA Anchor (named “ROCKY”) securely watched over the yacht while we explored the biennial Sojer Day festivities on the Island. 

The Abaco Rage, local race boat
We enjoyed meeting Mr. Albury of Albury Boat Works, makers of the finest runabouts in the Abacos. The girls enjoyed the handcrafts of the talented sailmakers and canvas makers of Albury Sail Loft. Lifting anchor, we deployed a full 135% jib and sailed right back into Marsh Harbor, returning to our Jib Room dock! Tonight was Saturday night, and that means STEAK NIGHT at the Jib Room. Marvin is THE BEST CHEF in Abaco and his 24 hour marinated steaks are THE BEST. This is a must visit event when in Abaco. After dinner, it was time to work on our RAKE n SCRAPE skills along with JASON who is our teacher. Following Rake n Scrape we were entertained by the amazing DESMOND, the KING of LIMBO! Life is great in Abaco on a cruising sailboat, and Wendy and Craig are fitting right in…..

Here are a few photos of the scene
Team Island Spirit walking home from the grocery store

Wendy and Craig sharing their music on Island Spirit

Homemade bread and red wine compliment a simple dinner

The cold front arrives!

IP420 True North Debi and Dennis explore Man-O-War with Wendy and Craig

This is the SUN HAT Parade…..on Man-O-War

Overlooking the reef ocean side on Man-O-War Cay

Another crowded day on the beach

Wendy enjoying the beach and the beautiful blue water

Radeen working the sun hat with a smile

Jib Room Chef, MARVIN, grilling the steaks….that’s 50 steaks at a time!

Stephen and fiance, Bradley, share a photo for Team Island Spirit

The Jib Room is such a wonderful place! Great atmosphere!

Desmond teaching Destiny how to Rake n Scrape

Jason teaching Craig the Rake n Scrape technique

Desmond warming up for the limbo challenge
Yes….sailing from the Jib Room is simply a great life. I can see why so many cruisers base out of here for an entire season. Our next leg will take us over to NIPPERS for the Sunday Pig Roast and some stunt kite flying on the beach. Looking forward to that….as soon as we check out of the docks at the Jib Room…..
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