Jamestown, RI our 31st Anniversary

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Jamestown, RI, has a wonderful spot named Dutch Harbor on the west side of the island, and this is where we reflected and celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary with boating friends. Our good friend Carey organized a gathering called a Mini-vous. A mini-vous is a small rendezvous of boat owners who raft up, or anchor nearby and gather for fun cocktail party.

The AM started off with a walk to Jamestown for breakfast and to find Radeen the perfect anniversary gift.

We found it….a special corner tower Condo, overlooking the Jamestown harbor….

Radeen’s Anniversary gift, a new condo!

After a quick presentation of the $995,000.00 price tag, I decided we needed to be more reasonable.

So, off to the Jamestown Hardware Store….

…where we found the PERFECT gift….a NEW SPRAY bottle to use when water proofing the canvas. Radeen just had to have one and they were on sale for $2.70. What a deal.

Why do I spoil Radeen so much?….look at this….a new spray bottle!
Arriving back to Island Spirit in the harbor

After cleaning with the NEW SPRAY bottle, it was off to the Mini-vous party to continue the celebrations. Toasting with MOET….and great friends…

Cheers to another great day…another great year….thank you Kevin and Annie

Happy 31st Anniversary

Enjoying the raft up on SP Cruiser, CATSPAW, thank you Carey and Bobbie. Boats attending: Mise en Place, Lafalot, Tiller the Hun, and Island Spirit, plus a Catalina 380 from the Wickford Yacht Club.

We all enjoyed the forward seating area of the SP Cruiser on Catspaw

And even TILLER the CAT had a fun time.

Carey’s cat with more sea miles than most yacht owners, RI to FL to Bahamas and back several times!

The true beauty of cruising is sharing fun times with the good friends we have made. Thank you Carey for the fun mini-vous, we really enjoy Dutch Harbor, RI.

Carey and Hayden in Dutch Harbor, RI

SP Cruiser Catspaw and IP 370 Tiller the Hun rafted up

Thank you Radeen for 31 years of a great marriage…looking forward to 30+ more
Hayden and Radeen….1980 Wedding

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  1. Awww Congrats on 31 years of marriage. Thamk you for being such a great example of a happily married couple. I love you both so much. Wish I was there. Have fun. Be safe. 🙂 RL

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