Italy 2013 Map

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While our boat is at Island Packet Yachts for ReFit, we are at home…

We are on the launch pad for our Italy 2013 planned tour. To study the trip and locations, we have made a detailed Google Map. This map is available here: 

Our trip is being run by a colleague and friend from Radeen’s school district. It will be great to tour Italy with someone who knows the country so well. We have cashed in frequent flyer miles for free flights and will arrive before the group catches up to us in Sorrento. Ater the group leaves from Lake Como, our extra week will be spent in a condo in Tuscany where we plan to drink wine, eat bread and cheese and photograph the beautiful scenes. 
This is a test blog post using the Samsung Tab 2 and a Google Nexus GSM unlocked phone. We will be traveling very light with one small carry on for international flights (20″ x 14″ x 7″) and one mini bag/purse for tablet and passport docs. We do not want to check any bags and Air Berlin is strict on these dimensions!
So, let the next adventure begin…we plan to blog and and share photos as we discover!
Thanks for traveling along.
Here are some screen captures of our map (testing photo upload via mobile blogger)
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