It is Better in the Bahamas

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It is true, it really is BETTER in Da Bahamas, mon….and it is honestly FAR better when your friends show up with a full backup band, guitar, tons of lyrics, great songs, and a cheerleader! Yes, Wendy and Craig have made it to Island Spirit and the fun began within SECONDS of their arrival. Boarding around 1530 hrs, we loaded their gear, and by 1700 hrs Craig was entertaining a group of good friends and fellow boaters at the JIB ROOM.

This location, the Jib Room, is really a great location to take on your guest, and to enjoy the beautiful facilities, pool, restaurant, bath house, laundry and bar. Tom and Linda and son Stephen have really built an outstanding cruisers’ home. Bartender Jason will really look after you and makes a wicked drink called a BILGE BURNER from a secret recipe of five different RUMs in it and a little juice.

By the way, here is proof that I really DID clean da boat before Wendy and Craig arrived. Look, I even washed the “Company Seats” as evidence by this photo below….

In the morning, we had a BREAD BAKING lesson, with “Blondie” our good buddy on IP420, True North. Here is Hayden and Debbie after the bread backing lesson by “Dough Boy!”

Lucky for us, we are docked to the massives Jib Room Piers, which at low tide are about 3 feet above the boat deck. We will come and got from this dock as we wish, allowing for us to sail into the Jib Room for Rib Night, and or Steak Night if we can work that out. There also is a major front arriving Friday with projected winds and squalls of 40-70 knots! What? Yes, they actually said 70 knots!

The fleet gathered on the deck at the Jib Room and we all enjoyed the music by Craig and Bob.

Look, this is an aft cabin, and IT IS EMPTY! This may not seem like a big deal, but ask any cruiser what they aft cabin looks like and they will tell you….NOT LIKE THIS. Where is all the STUFF?

 Craig, using his best talents, playing guitar and singing….

Craig our Music Man and Wendy our Cheerleader….

“We are NOT in KANSAS any more!” This is Alan, IP420 Flatlander from Kansas, and Radeen.

Bob, IP40 Voyager, playing guitar and singing along with Craig. What an added treat. Our Island Placet Fleet has so many interesting members. Thank you, Bob, for your added music and harmonica playing…

Dennis and Debbie, i.e. Blondie of IP420 True North, enjoying the music and the fun times…

Steve, IP38 Slow Flight and good friend Wendy pose for photo boy….

Cliff, IP40 Navigator enjoying the music with Craig and asking for requests….

What a FANTASTIC night, as usual, when Wendy and Craig join Team Island Spirit. Tomorrow, we plan to sail directly to TAHITI BEACH and play all day on the sandbar and beach swimming and kite flying. After that, we may move up to HOPETOWN for a walk in town and a chance at getting some of Vernon’s Coconut Bread……

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