IPYOA Annapolis Noon Luncheons

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WOW, what a turnout we had at the 2015 IPYOA Noon Pit Beef Luncheons on the roof deck of the Fleet Reserve. (See image) This is an informal gathering of the Island Packet Fleet that has been going on for years. After stopping by the IPY Booth, visiting with the IP brokers and looking at the new yachts, we head to the Fleet Reserve, grab lunch, and head up to the Roof Top Deck and look for other IPY owners. If we all have on IPY stickers, or IPY hats, or IPY gear, then it is easy to connect and find each other. We gather around the tables, share some news, meet, chat, learn, and share IP stories. It is informal and very fun. This year we had an average of 25 Island Packet Owners at each of the daily luncheons. What a great time! Bill Bolin stopped up on Friday and visited with several new IPY owners. It was very nice to have the Island Packet Factory participate in these daily luncheons. By around 2-3 PM, we would scatter and go our own way into the massive Annapolis boat show.

Here is a summary of the attendees per day: Thank you to all who made the effort to stop in and connect with others. It was great to meet so many owners and especially the happy new owners.

These are my postings to our Facebook group, as I summarized after each day…

Thursday Luncheon 24 owners+
IP 40 SeaQuinn, Sandra and Warren
IP 380 Aspen, Steve and Maria
IP35 Marabelle, Terri & Jane
IP 420 Pappys Packet, Pam and A D
IP 45 (St. Pete, FL) Sharon and John
IP 460 Mandala, Ron and Nancy
IP 420 Tmbleweed, Jane and Gilbert
IP 45 Endurance, Tess and Tony
IP 420 Black and Tan, Mirna and Conrad
IP 38 Spindrift, Rick and Christi?
IP 380 Navy Blue, Rick and Karen
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
These are the Island Packet Owners who attended the Thursday Noon luncheon. I am sure I missed some. Who else was there????

FRIDAY NOON Luncheon Attendees…26 owners+
IP 420 Pappys Packet,Pam and A.D.
IP 40 Tintean, Ken Aiken
IP 460 Cutter Loose, Eric and Patricia
IP 380 Priority, Reuben and (Molli)
IP 37 Finistere, Ed and Pat
IP 380 Aspen, as in Around the World Aspen, Steve and Maria
IP 40 Relationship, as in 3 time owner 31, 35, 40 Chuck
IP 380 Namaste, Lindsay Geza
IP 320 Emoyeni, John and Lynda
IP 27 Meridian, Dan and Barb
IP 370 Moon Eye Valerie and Rick
IP 27 Southern Girl John and Kyrah
IP 380 Windermire, Otto and Bonnie
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
Island Packet Factory: Bill Bolin
I am sure I missed someone….who did I miss???please comment. Thank you.

Sat Noon Luncheon…27 owners. The IP fleet is strong, and connected.
IP 35 Lucille, Jeff and Sharon
IP 27 Ariel, Ken and Jean
IP 35 Eau de Vie, David
IP 380 Island Time, John and Genie
IP 440 Vivo, Steve and Linda as in new owners, congrats
IP 380 Tainui, Eric and Kathy
IP 27 Kattyshack, Bill and Marj
IP 31 Elinor Steve and Pat
IP 380 Navy Blue, Steve and Pat as in new owners, congrats
IP 420 Oro Negro, Conrad and Mirna
IP 32 Betelgeuse, Steve and Karen
IP 440 Nautilee, Lee Laurie, as in Land Down Under! FUN
IP 440 Emerald Isle, Bob and Maureen
IP 380 Emerald Isle, Bob and Maureen as in I own TWO IPs! Buy my 380
IP 420 Pappys Packet, Pam and A.D.
IP 40 Knee Deep, Dave and (Joyce)
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
I am sure I missed some one….did I?

Sunday NOON Luncheons…..20 IPY Owners
IP 38 Namaste, Geza and Lindsay
IP 380 Indigo, Linda and Grahan
IP 38 Marysol, Mary and (Mark)
IP 380 Tainui, Eric and Kathy
IP 350 Big Friend, Kirk and June
IP 420 Pappys Packet, Pam and A D
IP 420 Ore Negro, Conrad and Mirna
IP 485 Sanctuary, Michael and (Sheryl Lynn)
IP 35 Carried Away, Tom and Hellen and Brady
IP 440 Nautilee, Lee Laurie
IP 35 Island Spirit, Hayden and Radeen
…again, I am sure I missed someone, who did I miss???

THIS is a total of 76 unique Island Packet Yacht Owners, and I am proud to have met you all. We really need more time to visit and to share. Thank you again.

Maybe next year, we can coordinate better with the local IPY dealer to bring the famous IPY stickers, These provide all of us with FREE advertising for the Island Packet Product Line as we walk around the show. What a great idea.

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  1. Safe travels for another successful sailing season! Your photos are incredible, especially the sunrise pictures! You should publish. I enjoy following your travels each year; keep blogging!

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