IPs at Jib Room Marsh Harbor Abaco

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…The IP owners gather at the Jib Room…

The Island Packet Fleet of various yachts have sailed into Marsh Harbor in the Abacos and we have taken up home base off THE JIB ROOM which we LOVE. Marsh Harbor is a really good anchorage where the holding is fantastic and the large harbor has room for many many yachts. The Jib Room is located in the northeast end of the harbor. The public dinghy dock is on the south shore with easy access shopping. In town there are large hardware stores, pizza shops, bakeries, grocery stores and the famous BTC Bahamas phone store.

On Monday we met newly arrived “Merry Sea” and “Blue Sky.”

IP owners supported the JIB ROOM with 8 boats attending their world famous STEAK NIGHT where Marvin the Gill Master cooks up steaks to perfection. The Jib Room also serves a delicious house drink called the Bilge Burner which is similar to a rum punch with more kick 🙂

We enjoyed taking over three large IP yellow/gold picnic tables on the porch which provided for a fun gathering where we all could visit, share sea stories and catch up on each others travels. Thank you to Tom and Linda, owners of The Jib Room, for creating and running what I feel is the best cruising stop in the Abacos. Wed night is Rib Night and Sat night is Steak night.

On Monday nite, more IP’s gathered at The Jib Room to greet the new arrivals. Boats attending either or both events were IP38 Holiday, IP440 Emerald Isle, IP37 Simple Life, IP440 Aventura, IP380 Blue Sky, IP38 Merry Sea, IP40 Tin Tean, IP420 Flatlander, IP37 Galileo and IP35 Island Spirit.

Where is Marsh Harbor Abaco and the JIB ROOM?
Marsh Harbor and The JIB ROOM location
Island Spirit anchored off the Jib Room

Hayden and Radeen on date night

Hayden and Michele, author of “LEAVE THE SHORE BEHIND”
IP37 Simple Life

Michele and Deb share a smile

Radeen, Joe, and Maureen enjoying the Jib Room

Radeen with Linda, the owner of the JIB ROOM

Gerry and Larry

Joe and Michele strike a pose atTthe Jib Room

The wonderful JIB ROOM, a cruisers’ paradise

Marvin the GRILL MASTER prepares the best steaks

Desmond the LIMBO KING puts on a great show

Desmond as low as you can go. He’s been performing for 26 years!

Sunrise over Marsh Harbor

Boats are moving again, some enjoying the Abacos and others starting to head west towards Florida and home. We wish you all fair winds and smooth seas, until we meet again!

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2 Replies to “IPs at Jib Room Marsh Harbor Abaco”

  1. Everywhere Island Spirit goes – the floating party follows. It seems like each year the crowd gets bigger and bigger.

    You better ask the jib room to start thinking about adding another room. Enjoy!

  2. Great post Hayden & Radeen! It was truly a great time one that we will remember. Met lots of new Island Packet cruisers and that was GREAT! Happy to have shared the evening with you, Radeen and other Island Packet owners.

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