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Sunrise entering the Pungo River Canal 

Traveling north from Beaufort NC and up to Oriental, NC then on through the Pungo River Canal and into the Albemarle Sound was another very interesting and winding section of the waterway. Cypress swamps of the Pungo River Canal and open water sailing on, the Neuse River and Albemarle Sound make this one of the most enjoyable sections. We ran 65 miles from Alligator River to Great Bridge Lock, on the Virginia Cut side.

We usually run up to Elizabeth City and the Dismal Swamp, but the draw of the wonderful Mexican restaurant, El TORO LOCO, at Great Bridge was too much to pass up so we came north on the Virginia Cut. Carey, on SP CATSPAW, our team leader led us to the FREE dock just north of the Great Bridge lift bridge. We were docked just after the 1700 bridge opening and off to the Mexican restaurant by 1800 hrs!

We will press on a short day today, making Portsmouth and hopefully the High Street Ferry Basin as we need to wait out the 15-20 knots of NE winds that will have the Chesapeake Bay kicked up with 3-4 foot waves! Looks like it will be a few days in Portsmouth and Norfolk, VA….not a bad place to wait out some weather!

Photos from this section of the ICW-NC

Salt Spray on Neuse River after washing and hand drying the boat! 

Fishing docks and fuel docks

Tannin stained waters of the Pungo Canal

Cypress Swamp of the Pungo River Canal

“Mosey,” a handmade welded yacht passes us on Alligator River

Tugboat named ANGER MANAGEMENT pushing a crane to Norfolk at 4 knots.
Pushing at only 4 knots?  I, too, would need Anger Management!

Cernterville swing bridge, Virginia Cut

Free DOCK at Great Bridge on the north side
NOTE: Mosey, the yacht that passed us is here also….she is hand built!

OK….time to relax after long days and enjoy Portsmouth, VA!

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  1. Salt spray on the Neuse… 20kts on the Chesapeake…

    What have you done to all of that good weather that I left you with?

    While you are washing off all of that salt spray, check the bow of Island Spirit. From that dark water of the Neuse you might now have what Neuse boaters call the Neuse Mustache.

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