Huff Puff

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Happy Father's Day, WFK and Dads everywhere. Brief because it's a bit bumpy: we are crossing the Stream in a peaceful 26-28 kts, which is DOWN from our average 30 kts plus since 0200 this am. Ship and crew are all well, and we have just finished dinner. The good news is that we have been flying along on tiny sails at 8 kts: the bad news is that right now we are heading for New York! Will report longer later: today has been a safe but stormy ride. Best, Nancy John Hayden & Radeen
1900 Sunday June 19 '11 3602N 7302W WNW 28 kts, speed 7,5 under triple reef main double reef jib and staysail heading 350 🙁 hoping for a wind shift/reduction, maybe will end up in Cape May? 190nm on the bow.

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