Hope Town so Beautiful

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…Radeen with the 1864 Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town…

Team Island Spirit is based in Hope Town Abaco and we are asking ourselves, “Why Move?” We go to the beach every day, walk the beautiful island trails and roads, swim in the pool and chat with boating friends. Visitors to this island pay $2,000 a week to to stay here, and we are on a mooring ball for $15 per day, $105 per week. So we are saying…..”Why move?”  The Abacos are so pleasant in the spring time with the waters and skies so blue The temperature is 80 during the day and 73 at night. We are roughing it for sure.

Here are some photos of our days here in Hope Town…..enjoy!

Thank you for traveling along with us as we share our cruising destinations. Hope Town Abaco is certainly one of the highlights.

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  1. Why move indeed?
    The beauty of both of our lifestyles is that when we get bored – we CAN move.

    But until then – ENJOY.

    You both worked hard for this…. now take it easy!

    No hurry Mon.

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