Hope Town Photo Essay 2018

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The best way to share the peace and beauty of Hope Town is with this photo essay. Radeen and I along with many others, really love Hope Town on Elbow Cay in Abaco, Bahamas. Settled by Loyalists after the Revolution, it has retained a unique character and charm. For example, the Elbow Cay Lighthouse is still lit by hand each night using a kerosene lamp and the rotating mechanism is still wound every two hours throughout the night, as it has been since 1864.

During the week, we really enjoyed spending time with Island Packet Owners IP440 VIVO, IP38 Thursday’s Child (formerly Purpose from Rock Hall), IP38 Cat Tails, IP445 No Walhalla, , IP485 Sanctuary, IP35 Serenade (formerly Fiesta from Santa Fe), IP380 Cool Change and former owners of IP380 Packer Inn. No photos to prove it, but we also enjoyed seeing dear friends Ed and Sue of Angel Louise, with their fellow trans-Atlantic passagemaking guests, Dick and Moira. Lunch at Cracker P’s was so much fun.

We had not intended to stay here an entire week, but two strong cold fronts gave us the excuse to do just that. Please enjoy our photos.


We hope you see the beauty and the fun of spending a week in Hope Town with boating buddies while living on our boat on a mooring ball in the harbor. This cruising life is a dream, and we appreciate it more and more every day. Thank you for sailing along.


Live tracking here:


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4 Replies to “Hope Town Photo Essay 2018”

  1. Island Spirit & her Crew are very fortunate to have these memories in your “hard drive”!!
    We vicariously live the warm life – as it snowed 2 days ago , with highs of 47 degrees today :>(

  2. These Hopetown photos are amazing!
    That’s quite a picture of a front coming through.
    What camera are you using?
    Love from Gusto!!!

  3. Looks really great. We’ve never been to the Abacos and look forward to stopping there when we bring Fezywig back to the states (eventually). Thanks for all of the nice images.

  4. I lost my ng60 mast in hurricane Dorian. Can you give me an idea what I will pay if I get a complete replacement at Mack sails? Thanks, Bob( Bayfield 36)

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