Hope Town Easy Life

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…here is a photo of us on a mooring ball in Hope Town…

Life in Hope Town has an interesting ebb and flow. The harbor is a real treasure with the lighting of the lighthouse every night to the pace of the ferry rush hour in the morning to calm walks on the beach in the afternoon. Life is calm here, very calm, with the soothing sounds of ocean waves, roosters and boat motors. There are a few shops, a few restaurants and a beautiful beach. The main mode of transportation is a golf cart or a water taxi or on foot. You can swim the beautiful blue ocean, snorkel the reef, walk the beach, explore the town, climb the 101 steps to the lighthouse lookout, share cocktails with friends, dinghy to Tahiti Beach, read, nap, and simply enjoy this peaceful life. Hope Town, a must-stop visit in Abaco, Bahamas, or better yet, a must-stay location for an entire season. It is pleasant to wonder just how much we could really enjoy that….

Here are a few photos

Rush hour with ferries running everywhere

A crowded day on the Elbow Cay Beach

Our shadows with our sun hats. We are really trying NOT to get tan!

This quaint little waterfront cottage is a rental, along with many others

Curly tail lizards ares fun to watch

Hope Town architecture is so beautiful against the blue skies

Nightly entertainment. That is Jeffery standing in the lens to the right, dropping the sun screens.

There it is, LIT, after a 10+ minute pre-heat. An explosion of light fills the lens.
After climbing out of the lens, the keeper engages the gears and the rotation begins, flashing the
 pattern of lights that identifies this lighthouse…. 5 flashes, each one second long, then 3 seconds of darkness.

Radeen enjoying the busy beach

My favorite model….Radeen in the shade of the umbrella

We will stay in Abaco another week or two…..we are glad to have so much time to discover Paradise!

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