Hope Town, Bahamas Vacation

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Photos show the first few days of our Hope Town, Bahamas Vacation. (Wait, we are always on vacation, but this really does feel like a vacation.) We love it here! When you look at these photos, you will see why….

Radeen and Hayden in the shade under umbrellas on the beach
The harbor view from the Lighthouse
Lighthouse keeper, ELVIS, lights the wick and adjusts the gas flow
Every two hours Elvis turns the hand crank to raise the weights that make the lenses rotate
Sunset as seen from a window on the Hope Town Lighthouse
Hayden and Radeen overlooking the beach at Hope Town
The beautiful beach on Elbow Cay at Hope Town
Crowds do not exist on these beautiful Bahamian beaches
Elbow Cay and the beach behind the church
St. James Methodist Church where we enjoyed Rev. Vernon’s sermon
Typical home on Elbow Cay
IP 380 Packet Inn owners, Tadd and Lynn stopped by for a fun visit

The newly completed Hope Town Inn and Marina

Radeen love to swim in a pool, she is a Pisces

Julie and Radeen Sunday morning in Hope Town

I love taking architecture photos in Hope Town, the homes are so beautiful

Rum Punch at the Hope Town Inn and Marina pool which is open to the public

The Lighthouse at night. It is wonderful to see the keeper light this by hand
GOOGLE MAP showing where Hope Town is located
————————————Mustache and Goatee be gone———————————
So, it was getting old, the mustache and the goatee, plus they are all gray! I don’t have gray hair, but my mustache and goatee are. They are gone now. Here are photos to show the options.(Radeen likes the last one!)
Mustache and Goatee, option 1
Mustache only, option 2
No mustache and no goatee, option 3

Living on a boat in Hope Town Harbor on a secure mooring ball can really spoil a boater. There are many cruisers who make this their winter home and I can see why. The town is a dream, the facilities are beautiful, the lighthouse is a world treasure and the mooring balls are secure. Hope Town, Bahamas, add this charming village to your must visit locations…..

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  1. Loved meeting both of you and you do look much younger without facial hair! Hope to see you again sometime. Happy sailing and please continue your wonderful blog and pictures!…………Nina's sister!

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