Hobe Sound to Delray Beach FL

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Typical Hobe Sound small home with a small boat 🙂

We have not even reached Fort Lauderdale and as always, the ICW waterway, between Hobe Sound and Delray Beach, is a warm up of what you will see farther down the way. Hobe Sound is near perfect with a narrow barrier island on the ocean beach, then one road running north and south, and the home lots reach the sound side where they dock their mega yachts or fishing boats. Here you have the best of both water worlds: Ocean Beach and Bay Sound Dock! OMG.

The homes are so beautiful here and with much more land and space than Ft. Lauderdale. To me, this is THE place for millionaires. People like: Bert Reynolds, Tiger Woods, Greg Normand, and Gary Player live here! So it looks like I know how to judge a location 🙂

Buddy Boat Sans Souci Too 

Today was the day of bridges, with 15 lift bridges and we ended up waiting a total of 2 hrs and 20 minutes over the course of the 43 mile day for bridges to open on their schedules. It can be stressful waiting in front of a bridge with a 1+ knot current, but lucky for us, it was on our bow, so we could simply set in front of the bridge and keep powering into the current flowing at us. It is like setting in a river.

After Hobe sound we transited, Jupiter, Juno, North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, South Palm Beach and Delray Beach where we dropped anchor in Lake Pelican! This lake is surrounded by beautiful homes and is 10 feet deep with a 6 foot shoal at the entrance. Lucky for us we only need 4′ 6″ of water so we passed into the lake! No one here on anchor except us.

Hobe Sound ocean front home with docks on the sound
North Palm Beach Home
Typical Run About Fishing Boat with 1,050 horsepower!
Small Ocean fishing boat, about 75 feet long!
Fishing Boat, 75′ long and 3 stories high
WHAT? Yes, a HOUSE on a barge that was sinking!
Commercial ship being worked by a tug as we pass their stern
Just launched Motor Yacht ACE at 87 meters long!
Notice the people on the dock

Check out the side balconies on Motor Yacht ACE
Sleeps 12 Guest with a crew of 30!

Look, it is 5 stories tall above the water!
Typical Motor Yacht in for service
Beautiful motor yacht
In West Palm, these yachts are everywhere.
One more motor yacht
New Home under construction
Typical Waterfront Home
Of course we have balconies 
After 45 miles we dropped anchor in Pelican Lake, beaitiful homes off our bow

Next stop…..Fort Lauderdale….this should be FUN…

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