Hiking Warderick Wells

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Radeen on the trails…..

We are hiking the trails and enjoying the remote beauty of Warderick Wells for one more day before we head northeast for Eleuthera. The hiking trails are numerous and well marked with yellow paint on rocks and cairns, stacks of rocks to guide us. The dunes provide panoramic vistas overlooking Exuma Sound and west to Exuma Banks. From these high vantage points you can see the beautiful deep blue Sound side contrasted to the aquamarine Banks side. The shallow waters light up with a nearly white color as the sand bottom reflects the light back to the 1-2 foot surface. Navigating these waters is simple mid day by  reading the color of the water. This makes it easy to see the deep waters as you approach the islands, cuts and harbors. Today we will hike a few more trails, and enjoy more beaches and maybe even more snorkeling. It is obvious why so many cruisers spend time in Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park.

Hayden and Radeen share homemade bread with JEN

Volunteer extraordinaire  Jen, who hails from Vermont, makes this place even more special, with her friendly and welcoming attitude. She runs the gift shop and the radio and answers at least 1,236,547 questions every day!  Thank you to Jen and Andrew and the rest of the Park Crew for making this place great!

Here are a few photos of the trails…

It is amazing that anything can grow on these rocks!

Typical trail across Warderick Wells
A Curly Tail suns on a rock at barefoot beach

Looking back to the bank side and the aquamarine water

Our tender and its shadow at the dinghy dock, 10-15 foot water

Radeen next to a trail maker

Red Mangroves at low tide
Bread for Jen and the Exuma Park Staff

….thank you again for sailing along, we hope you are enjoying the discovery along with us….

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  1. Whoa guys!! I'm just getting caught up on all of your posts.. for some reason I stopped getting the RSS feeds on the new Mac. Gotta trouble shoot that.

    So you are headed North east… That must mean you have made the "turn"

    We'll fluff up a pillow for you at the Beaufort Wayward Sailors Home… when we get back there that is.

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